Definitely a Fashion Statement

You might think my husband dresses up and poses just for my blog but no . . this is truly how he lives his day to day life . . nothing special for the camera.  I’m never making fun of him.  He’s hilarious without even trying to be and I love him to death but sometimes, I have to bite my tongue just to keep from busting out laughing when I see him.  He never knows why I’m laughing.

This afternoon we had to go to Home Depot for something . . we came home with lumber but that may not have been his main reason for going.  Don’t ask me why he bought lumber because he’s working on the garden fence and that doesn’t involve lumber.  I think he just can’t miss a Saturday without going to Home Depot for something.

He had been working in the garden all morning so he came in, took a shower, put on jeans and a T-shirt and we made our trip to town.  When we got home, he changed back into shorts and went back out to the garden.  I went out to bring him water and it was one of those bite-your-tongue-do-not-laugh-bite-harder-you-cannot-laugh moments!

I said “Why do you have on those shoes?”  He said “So, I can wear them out and then buy some more!”

The other night he was telling me how comfortable they are (he says that about every pair of shoes he buys!) and he thought he might buy another pair (he always does that too!).  I said “NO!  You do not need to buy another pair now.  When you need another pair, there will be some equally as comfortable and you can buy them then!”  So, he’s going to hurry up and wear out the new ones so he can buy another pair.

Does that make sense to anyone other than Vince?

A Roost

Vince made a roost for the bigger girls.

That’s a shelf from one of the shelf units that we keep on top of their box.  They’re flapping those little wings and they could probably get out if they tried.

See that one on the roost looking at me.  She’s so fascinated by the cell phone.  Isn’t she cute?  I’m so happy to have chickens again!  When we first put the roost in there, they were scared to death of it.  They stood back and looked at it.  Finally, one of t hem hopped up on it and the rest followed.  By the time we were done in the building for the night last night, they were all on the roost.

Garden Fence Progress

We’re getting a lot done today.  It’s such a nice day . . sunny, just a gentle breeze, mid-60’s . . we couldn’t ask for a more beautiful mid-March day.

After breakfast, which was waffles, sausage and orange juice . . not diet food but it surely was good, we began working on the fence.  The first thing Vince did was put the rebar into the ground.  I helped measure and he drove the pipe into the ground every 5 feet.  Then I went in to do some housework (get the corned beef cooking, laundry, ironing and soon . . knitting) but I went out to check on Vince and take him some water and caught him sitting down on the job.  He’s so funny!  He had gotten all the PVC pipe on top of the rebar and was working on getting the chicken wire put up on the bottom.  We will line the edges of the chicken wire with rock and that will keep rabbits out of the garden.

I went back into the house and did some more housework and went back out to take him some juice and found him sitting down again!  Do you remember when he fired me because I wasn’t doing a good job??  I think he and I might need to discuss his work ethic!  🙂

I shouldn’t complain . . he’s making progress.  Or,  maybe he just  moved his chair around so I think he’s making progress.

Then he said “Look how pretty it is looking through here.”  He was just sitting there day dreaming.  He wants to put a little gazebo over there in the opening between where he’s sitting and the pipe fence.  The electric and water lines run just to the right (a few inches only) from where Vince is sitting so it would be real easy to have something there with power and water.

We love our little piece of Texas!