What Would You Do?

Suppose you’ve been on a diet for what seems like forever . . maybe it’s been months or maybe it’s only been weeks.  You’re losing weight ever so slowly, you feel fine, you still have lots of energy but you seriously miss sweets  . . like ice cream and root beer . . I love root beer floats!

Then suppose you know the weather is maybe going to be bad and you look out the window and see this:

And, this in the other direction:

And then, you remembered you have this:

What would you do?  Just asking . . because I think you know what I did!  🙂  And it was so worth it.

Stolen Quilts

Karen Combs, who is a fantastic designer and wonderful teacher/lady, had her teaching suitcase stolen out of a rental car in New Braunfels, Texas on Friday night (March 16).  I’ve taken classes from Karen and have seen her work in shows for years.  She’s just an all around good person and I’m so sorry this happened to her.

Above is a photo of one of the quilts.  Karen’s quilts are all distinctively “Karen” and she has the stolen ones pictured on this blog post. These quilts could be anywhere by now.  As Karen states in the blog post, they mean nothing to the thief and he/they were probably quite disappointed to see what they had gotten, but they are very valuable to Karen.

Please go to Karen Combs’ blog, read the story, and be watching for those quilts.

And, though it should go without saying, please teach your children and your grandchildren and anyone’s children you can speak with, that you never take things that aren’t yours!  That seems to be getting lost more and more in our society.  And, equally important, if you see someone doing something that doesn’t look right, call the authorities!  Maybe if you can do it without getting yourself in harm’s way, take a picture of their license plate or their face.  Hearing about Karen’s quilts, and other similar stories recently, really makes me sad . . sad for those who have lost their precious items but also sad that something is so lacking in our society that this is happening so much.


Design Wall Monday – March 19, 2012

My March Color Palette Challenge piece is on the design wall.  I’ve started putting the blocks into rows but it’s more like working a puzzle to get the black strips where they go and the yellow strips where they go with as little piecing as possible.  Some of the blocks have fallen off the design wall and well, I just didn’t take the time to put them back on the wall.

What’s on your design wall?