Potatoes & Onions

As of Sunday afternoon, the fence is finished.  The gates are made and installed.  Planting time is here!  Our first garden in Texas!

The first things planted in my garden are potatoes and onions.  The potatoes should have been planted at least two weeks ago but I’ll hope for the best.  I planted 5 pounds of seed potatoes and 60 onions.

There are lots of other things to plant.

Doesn’t look like much, huh?  Especially since those strawberries don’t go in the garden  . . they’re just being stored in there to keep them safe from the deer.

The trees don’t go in the garden either but, like the strawberries, the fenced in garden space is their refuge from the deer til we can get them planted and a fence around them.  There’s our fig, a peach to replace a peach that was dead when we got here and a pear.  They’re laying down because of the wind . . til we can get them planted and tied down, they’re safe.

I have lots of seeds to plant – carrots, peas, beans, okra, beets . . some are ready to plant now, the cream peas and okra need to wait another few weeks before I plant those.  We’re going to be busy!


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    I’m so jealous. Despite our lovely warm weather this week, I don’t dare plant anything until the end of May. But trees are budding, and flowers are starting to poke their heads up, so we should have spring colours out soon.

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    Looks great! We are in zone 7. I was out of the state most of february, so missed pea planting… But reading your blog, i think i’ll put the in anywanyway! Won’t get full season, but what the hay… I’ll still get some! I have an ornamental peach, fruit never matures; but my favorites are my brambles… Raspberry & thornless blackberries…yummo! I also have blue berries…. Berries from 5/31 through frost. Thanks for encouragement!

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    Liz says

    I’m getting ready to plany my garden, but the 2+ inches of rain is making it a bit soggy! And, the weather has turned back to the chilly side.
    At least my parsley from last year is looking beautiful and green!

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    You’ll be busy indeed. Oh wait, you are ALWAYS busy, lol! I wouldn’t think 2 weeks late would make toooo much difference, but you’re not in my area so maybe it’s different. I planted flower bulbs 4 months late and they’re coming up nicely and blooming now 🙂 I’m sure you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labors greatly come summer harvest time.

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    Don’t you love this time of the year?! So much possibility in a freshly tilled garden! Last year was pretty much a bust for us. 0″ of rain, 70 mph winds on a regular basis, and 110- 117 degree summer. Poor things didn’t stand a chance! In September I ended up with loads and loads of jalapenos and peppers though.

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    Katie says

    I’m so jealous! I live in Minnesota and despite the unseasonably warm weather, I won’t be planting until May. I am dreaming in the meantime.

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    Cindy B. says

    In theory, we can plant peas between the two president’s b’days in February and spuds at St. Patricks. The spuds are ready to snag a few at Father’s Day … and if we haven’t eaten all of the peas, we can have creamed peas and new potatoes. (Portland, Oregon area)

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    Weed says

    It’s good to see the old man out there doing something!!!!! I start alot of my garden vegies in late winter with the starter trays in the garage. I figure I gain about 2-3 weeks and $20-30 savings once I plant them in the garden. Good luck and keep Vince busy!!

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    barbara says

    only 60 onions? that wouldn’t last long in my house. 😉 . sometimes it feels like everything i cooks has onions in it. can you get 2 crops each year? on the strawberries, where will they end up? and what’s the fence made of? it’s nice that it’s hardly noticable. on my little lot, i could maybe grow one tomato, one fig and one bean and that’s a big maybe.
    LOL! oh, maybe a daisy as well.

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      I don’t plant them all at once or they will mature all at once! I will plant 40 – 50 every 3 or 4 weeks and will continuously have fresh onions. Any that I don’t use, I can store in a cool, dry place or I can chop and freeze them or dehydrate them.