Texas Wild Flowers

All these pictures were taken with my phone.  No photoshopping!  I feel like I have to say that because the scenery here is just so pretty . . it’s hard to believe the shots haven’t been manipulated.

This afternoon we had to go back to town and this is what we see between our house and town.  The hill sides are covered in bluebonnets.

Folks come to this area from far and near to see the bluebonnets and all we have to do is head towards town and there they are, along the highways.  Years ago, we used to travel to this area just to see the bluebonnets bloom.  We never thought we’d live here and see them every day during their blooming season.

They’re absolutely gorgeous!

And on the other side of the road, where the bluebonnets aren’t blooming, it’s still gorgeous!

The fields are beautiful, the pond is beautiful and the sky is beautiful.

And then, you get to where you’re going, you park, you get out of the car and you see this:

All the way home, we were looking at the clouds and seeing what the shapes were.  We saw Kentucky!  🙂


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    Yes. Despite the hot summers, droughts, high winds, prickly pear, water shortages and dust, once you’ve experienced a Texas spring time, it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with the state. We’re glad you’re here!

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      We had such a windy day on Monday, then storms on Monday night, then it was pretty chilly today . . it will be 37 here tonight but today was absolutely gorgeous! Hopefully your day will be brighter tomorrow.

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    Diane in CA says

    It’s so nice to see it so green after the dry summer pics..! Is the water back up in the lake too?

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    I’ve only ever seen pictures of the Bluebonnets. While different, some of their parts remind me of lupine; I wonder if they’re considered to be in the same family…I’ll have to Google that. I love clouds in the sky and associating their shapes to other objects. I remember once when I was little we were all out in a car and there was a cloud that looked like an Easter bonnet. I now know it was a lenticular cloud, but it sure looked like a bonnet then. Enjoy!

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    Marilyn says

    Bluebonnets are part of the lupine family they just dont get to be 3-4 ft like some lupines. In the last few years Texas A & M have produced the new “red” bonnets. Coming to field soon. Other spectacular flowers include miles of : pink primroses, coreopsis. Indian paint brush , white shamrocks, beach morning glories, prairie larkspur and more. Thanks all to LadyBird Johnson.

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    Ava Crotinger says

    I love Texas and bluebonnets. I planted bluebonnets here in Missouri last year and they bloomed. They’re just annuals here, too cold. It would be fun to get a big expanse of them growing. I may try again this year. Thanks for the pictures.

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    Debra says

    As someone transplanted from another state to Texas over 20 years ago, with all due respect, please be advised that it is Bluebonnets, not blue bonnets. Love your blog!

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    Sandy K says

    Love the pictures.Here in Illinois we are just starting to see green grass.
    I always love to watch the clouds, you always can find a unique one.
    I feel you are so blessed to be doing what you have dreamed of doing.

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    Debi says

    Judy – do they come in other colours – we have a similar flower called aquilega (may be wrong spelling) or columbines – or grandmas bonnets. I love them – but they also look like they have lupin leaves?

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    FYI – I just received on my Nook the April issue of Southern Living magazine and there is a small article about the drive to Brownsville in TX and the bluebonnets – thought you might want to give that issue a look-see.

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    doesn’t it just give you so much peace to look at all that simple yet grand beauty? i have a window that looks out at my old maple tree and when that tree is in it’s full leaf it almost hurts your eyes to look at all that green – it is so beautiful! you can’t look at it without stopping to take a deep breath. enjoy!

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    CindyM says

    We lived in Texas for almost 13 years, and when our daughter was little, it was always an event to get pictures of her sitting in the bluebonnets in her Easter dress…. good memories. I also love the Indian Paint (the red flowers) that are planted on some roadsides.

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    karla says

    We lived there for a little over 5 years and it was always fun seeing the brides out on the side of the road getting wedding photos taken in the Bluebonnets. I loved the flowers of spring, but my allergies were crazy in TX!

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    The weather and the wildflowers popping up everywhere after the rain have been glorious, haven’t they? it’s been a long time since the landscape has been SO GREEN, it’s blowing me away.