Chicken Hospital

We have a puny chicken.  I hated to isolate her because (1) they like to be together and not isolated and (2) it will be hard to put her back with the others once we’re sure she’s ok.  But, we couldn’t take a chance on her being sick and the others getting sick.

I hope she gets better.

Her sisters are growing and though I haven’t a clue what they are . . maybe Rhode Island Red or “Production Red”, they sure are pretty.

The others are growing and are at that gawky adolescent stage . . not enough feathers and not enough fuzz.  They’re the least friendly little critters I’ve ever seen.  No matter how much I try to handle them, they panic and run into each other and into the side of the bucket every time I go near their pen.  I think they’re all crazy!  All I have to say is . . they’d better lay lots of big eggs because they’re never going to be pet chickens.

Good Folks Left in the World

When Chad called me Sunday afternoon about his truck breaking down in Kansas City, I was so concerned.  First, I know he has no extra money for truck repairs.  He’s been looking for a full time job since graduating from college almost a year ago but he’s working two part-time jobs now — 32 hours a week at Wal-Mart and 12 – 15 hours for a local bank and then he works as an election poll person for every election so he’s really trying hard but there’s  just not much money left over to save.  Being in KC, he was going to be at the mercy of wherever that truck was towed.  There was no way he could afford to have it towed all the way back to our mechanic in Nevada and it would certainly cost more than Chad had to get the fuel pump changed but that’s the only vehicle he has.

It turned out that his friend from Nevada is engaged to a girl from Belton and I don’t know how Chad ended up talking to his friend while on the side of the interstate, but his friend called his future father-in-law who went with his flat bed trailer and picked up Chad’s truck and brought it to his house.  They couldn’t get it fixed Sunday night . . the bed had to be taken off, the fuel tank drained and partially removed.  The man wanted Chad to be there when he was working on it and Chad couldn’t go til yesterday.  It was about 10 p.m. by the time they got everything put back together.  Chad called and he went on and on about how nice those people were.

The man wouldn’t take any money for his labor or for his gas for going to pick up Chad’s truck, which was probably about 50 miles from his house.  They made several trips to the auto parts store.  They got a discount at the parts store so the part that would have been over $300, Chad got for a bit less than $250.  The man told Chad that when he needs help or an extra set of hands as he called it, he’ll call Chad to come help him.  Chad was pretty excited about that because he said “Mom, I can learn so much from that man.”

I’m very thankful to that man for sharing his knowledge and spending his time helping Chad, and to his wife for allowing Nicole to stay in  her home while the truck was being worked on.   I doubt they even fully understand how much they helped Chad and how good it made me feel knowing someone was caring for them and helping them.

Chad asked me to make them a quilt and I certainly will so now I need to get busy and get a quilt made for him and maybe a pair of socks for her.

There truly are a lot of good people left but it’s too bad the news is filled with stories of bad deeds and we don’t hear enough about the good deeds.