Design Elements

A blog reader, Joni, asked how and why I decided to go with the tan “toothy” part of the blocks.  Here’s the design with those tan “teeth”:

And here it is without:

It’s really just a preference.  I don’t think anyone would look at either completed quilt and say one is wrong and one is right.  The blocks are going to be either 11″ or 12″ finished and I felt that was an awful lot of “white space” without the teeth.  To me, when I look at the second drawing, it looks like those little nine patches were an afterthought but when I look at the first drawing, the tan “teeth” are kinda like a shadow of the nine patches and that keeps those nine patches from appearing so “stuck on top” of the design.  I feel that those little teeth sort of “anchor” the design and bring those outer blocks together with the center of the quilt.

That’s just how I see it . . you all may see it completely differently and like the second drawing better.  That’s why we all love EQ so much!  We can make it any way we like it!

The Design Chosen

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts.  I didn’t add up all the votes but it was interesting to see the reasoning behind the choices.  Working with just tone on tone fabrics makes it so easy because I could pull fabric from the stash to make any of the designs and I could make it work.  My personal choice was #3 but I let Vince pick and he chose #2.  I did a little more tweaking and this is what it will be:

Fabrics are chosen.  Let the cutting begin!

Possible Designs

These are the designs I’ve come up with so far.  What do you think?  If you see a square that isn’t colored as it should be . . that’s just an oversight and I’ll change it when I decide which design I’m going to use.  Right now, I’m just coming up with ideas.  Would you tell me which one you like best and why you like it best.  I’m not sure if I’m going to go with the more teal blue or the more navy blue so please don’t judge the design by the colors but by the design.  They’re really all close to the same

The second one:

And the third version:

Thanks for looking and giving me your thoughts.