The Reinforcements Have Arrived

In more ways than one!  I love it when the National Guard is having a rip roaring event but this weekend they must’ve have 20 or 30 helicopters in.  Vince says they’re Apache and all I know is . . they’re loud!  I think those guys sit around and calculate what time we must go to bed and then they fire them up and start flying.  Then they wait til we’re back asleep and they fly over again.  Then, just to be sure we’re up bright and early, they started again about daylight.  Friday during the day they kept circling over our house.  Vince said they probably looked at that fence and think we’re growing something illegal in there.

But, the real reinforcements arrived this morning.

Poor Vince . . they won’t let him help do anything!

My job is to supply them with cold Dr. Peppers, brownies and lunch.  Otherwise, I’m sewing and staying out f the way.

Fabric for the Next Quilt

Having a huge stash can be a blessing and a curse.  There’s no way I can justify buying fabric for a quilt when I have all the fabric I have.  The problem I find myself facing is that it’s so easy to work off a whole bolt of fabric that I’m not using a lot of my cut fabric and it’s just sitting on the shelves while I go through the bolts.  Quilts like the next one I’m making need 2-1/2 yards of blue and 3-1/2 yards of tan and 3 yards of burgundy and I don’t have those size pieces unless I work off a bolt.  What’s a quilter to do?

I have enough cream and enough tan but for the burgundy, I’m going to use several different ones.  I’ll use the one I like best for the border but each block will have a different burgundy . . kinda like I planned it that way.

The blue is giving me fits.  I thought this was the blue I would use but it’s way too bright.

I want to use one blue, not a variety of blues.  I’m not sure I’ve come up with the right one yet.  Who’d ever have thought I’d have so much trouble choosing a blue?  I’ll figure it out . . and if I can’t, I’m going to close my eyes and pick one because I’m fixing to start cutting!

March Color Palette Top

It’s done!  The plan was to work on it an hour each day once I started making the other quilt but I’ve been struggling with the right blue for that quilt and haven’t started it yet so I got the March Color Palette top finished.

It ended up being about 65″ x 86″.  The colors scared me when I first saw them but I really love this quilt.

Got sewing plans for this weekend?  I do!