Vicki’s Color Lessons

Are you all reading Vicki’s color lessons?  This one helped me a lot!  As I’m choosing colors, I think sometimes I’m replacing the wrong color . . the color that I think doesn’t work may not be working because of another fabric.  Kinda like . . I’m blaming the wrong fabric!  🙂  Vicki’s examples make so much sense!  It’s hard to believe how one color can make another color look so different.

I’m so happy that Vicki is doing the Color Palette Challenge with me.   If you haven’t been doing the Color Palette Challenge, why not?  You don’t have to make anything large.  I’ve had so much fun putting together colors that I would never have used together, and ending up with quilts (tops so far) that I thing are beautiful.

It’s a challenge so when you look at the palette for each month and think “UGH!  I can’t use those colors!”, you’ve just done Step 1.  Now, print out that palette and start choosing fabrics!  When I saw the March palette, I almost came up with an excuse not to participate but the more I played with fabrics, the more I liked it and the top I made is one of my favorites!

The April Palette will be introduced on April 1, along with a link box for linking up your March project.  Plan to play along with us, ok?


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    Helen Koenigl says

    I looked back at previous color challenges and at this one – LOVE the challenges, btw – and have gone through my stash, selected what I need. The pattern however has sometimes proved to be a bit of a mystery – but only until this coming weekend when I MIGHT have some time to actually sit and consider! Anyway – am having fun playing with colors!

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    Helen says

    Judy, there is a “v” before the http so the link is broken. I spotted the problem and found the post. Thx so much.

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      Helen Koenigl says

      Thank you so much for fixing the broken link! I had tried it earlier and thought it was my computer being “wierd” again!

      Signed – the “OTHER” Helen

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    Ava Crotinger says

    I love the lessons, too. I plan to attempt a small project (it is gardening season) with the April palette. Like many others, at times I feel something like color blind when trying to decide what to put together.

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    CindyM says

    Color lessons are always appreciated! Saturday Colorado Quilt Council had Jean Wells as our guest speaker. One tip she had regarding color (one that I actually remember….) is that if the colors in a quilt don’t look right, try adding some green, since green combines with everything in nature. As she said, though, the trick is to find the right shade of green.

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    Karla says

    my excuse for not playing last month was the move but hopefully I can play along this month when I get my sewing room straightened out. I look forward to seeing all the beautiful projects that everyone is doing!