Coop Colors

The post about leaving the coop white was a joke. I doubt I ever have anything white!  This post has the coop colors.  We bought the paint last week so it will definitely get painted . . this weekend  maybe.

This afternoon we went back to meet with the CPA again and got to see the preliminary tax returns.  Ouch!  I’m thankful for Vince having a good job and for the income I have but dang . . it’s kinda hard to believe the price tag.  Thank goodness Texas doesn’t have state income tax, even though we still have to file in MO for 2011.

From there we went to eat and as we were walking through the parking lot, I looked down and there was a Blackberry in a case laying on the concrete.  I picked it up and couldn’t even remember how to use it to try to figure out who it might belong to.  It apparently didn’t work inside the restaurant because when we got back outside, it rang and I answered it.  It belonged to an elderly man who was just passing through town.  His daughter was calling the phone to see if someone answered it.  They were almost to Abilene but they came back and met us at Home Depot and got their phone.

Then we went to Tractor Supply and they had chickens.  We were strong and didn’t get any.  We got chicken wire to start building their outside run.

It was a long day . . which included a trip to the dentist.  How much fun can a girl have?

All Primed

The chicken coop has been primed and all the screw holes and spaces are caulked and it’s ready to be painted.

Vince thinks it looks good white.  Do you think he really thinks it looks good or do you think he’s tired of painting?

I’m so hoping that by the end of the weekend, we can have the two batches of bigger chickens in there and can move the bantams into the shop.


I’m no expert on longhorn cows or any kind of cows but do you think these horns would make a pretty good goal post?

And while we’re at it . . look at that green grass and the hill behind the cow.  Who would think Texas would be so pretty?