April UFO Number

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The UFO number for April is:


Did you get your March UFO finished or get lots of work done on it?  I never found mine.  Looks like my 2013 UFO List may be the same as the 2012 list.  The tops I had been working on at the rental seem to be the ones that are buried the deepest.


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    Oh boy – I didn’t not get the back made for my march ufo – hence did not quilt it…. can you please add 3 more days to the month?? Thank you very much LOL –

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    I now have all but 1/2 of one side of my March UFO bound…..and that will be finished by the end of the next basketball tournament game. I was sewing that binding on so FAST while Louisiana played Kentucky. It was an exciting game….. I am ready for the next game…..GO KU!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    SarahB says

    I just got February’s done yesterday!! I have a good excuse for being a month behind and I am still planning on catching up… this month’s UFO is an easy one so I should be able to finish March and April. However, we might be moving this month so maybe I shouldn’t say that just yet… wish us luck!

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    I sewed like a maniac today because I procrastinated effectively most of the rest of the month. I made it just in time to say I finished in March. If it weren’t for you, once I pulled out the fabrics and realized I was missing one and didn’t have enough of another (never mind that I had plenty of different fabrics in there to choose from), it would have gone back in the closet. So thank you for giving me the kick in the butt to finish another quilter’s UFO – I can only hope she’s smiling down from Heaven at me for a job well done. Or at least done. But sheesh…I was kinda hoping you’d put off posting the next number for a day or two…ah well, at least April is an easier one…once I figure out what I’m going to do…

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    Karla says

    Due to a move and all my quilting being boxed up I did not get my march ufo finished. maybe once I unpack and get things situated I can catch up with march and april “probably wishful thinking on my part”

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    It took me from December to March to finish my quilt, but it is done! I’m going to make my skirt from January this week, or at least get it cut out! I’m not able to follow along with the numbers you pick because some things need to be finished before other things, and I’m slow! LOL

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    My #10 is already done but I’ll post the pics at the end of April. I will use April to make my new bed quilt which is a mystery quilt that should have been done as a Christmas gift for my husband!!! A welcome break for me with no pressure. I might have to try the color palette challenge this month.

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    My March UFO was only 2-1/2 years old, but really was time to get made. Did I tell you how much I love this challenge – if I was to wait for me to get around to it – probably would not happen. Love everyone’s quilts. Judy C

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    Wow you have been picking my challenges that are all your designs. I think that’s funny. Both February and March were your designs…and I did get them done YIPPEE. Now April is one of yours too. Anxious to work on my Kommodore this month! Sandi

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    I finished my Eye Spy for March, thanks Judy! I happened to complete my blocks and sew the top together (no borders yet) for the #10 quilt you just picked—I am over the moon that you picked that one since I am in motion on it now. Thanks Judy!

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    Diane Kelsey says

    Is it possible to link the March UFO’ s the the button as previously done.