Where did April go?  Do I say that every month?

The UFO number we should all be working on for May is:


Christmas Town Sampler Update

Denise has updated her info page on the Christmas Town Sampler.  You can click on my CTS page, where I have most of the same info, or you can go to Denise’s page and read what she has to say, since she’s the chief of this project.

My fabrics have been chosen, washed and I am so ready to begin.  Once we give the specific yardage amounts, I will share a picture of the fabrics I’ve chosen.  I’m using a turquoise/teal Michael Miller Krystal fabric for my dark (where the darker blue is above) and a cream for the background.  There’s a gray Krystal that I’m going to use a lot in the border and in some of the blocks and otherwise, it will all be scrappy.  Scrappy reds, browns, blues for the houses and roofs, scrappy greens for the trees, scrappy yellows for the windows.

Are you going to join us for this fun project?