April, 2012 Color Palette Challenge

The April Color Palette Challenge should embarrass me but it doesn’t!

This was actually a pie I made and forgot about.  The whole blog post is here.  It does have some great colors but I don’t think I would want a slice of this pie . . would you?  But, you can make something beautiful to commemorate my gross pie!

Don’t forget to check out Vicki’s blog and her etsy shop.  She sponsors this little palette challenge and I’m happy she does!

If you made a project for the March challenge, please add a link here.  Tuesday I’ll do the drawing for the winner of a fat quarter packet of Vicki’s hand dyed fabrics.


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    Maybe you made penicllin or something even better, who knows. Send it off to a lab and you may have the makings of the next Nobel Prize. I can see the headline already: “Quilting Pie Lady makes new strain of bacteria and saves humanity.”

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    That is an AWESOME photo! Kudos to you for being brave enough to see the beautiful colors and post it for this challenge! 🙂

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    You know, the more I look at this photo, the more I am reminded of some of the beautiful, hot, sulfurous pools at Yellowstone…

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    vickie van dyken says

    Are you sure this is not an April fools joke. The colors are ok….but the picture…ok I can’t look at it!! Can I copy the colors and loose the pic? gonna try….are you sure this is not an April Fools joke….???? LOL
    Doesn’t matter the colors have been displayed…Probably a great picture for April Fools….are you sure??? hahahahahaha

  5. 10

    Sherry Moran says

    Love the colors. Can’t wait tosee whst you come uo with! Bet I’ll want the pattern. (That’s a joke, referring to my post a few days back about how I always want to make your quilts!)

  6. 11


    What a novel photo to use! Love the colors in it. Are you going to name the quilt “Forgotten Pie”?

  7. 13

    Jenny Day says

    Have you seen the cover of June 2012 American Patchwork and Quilting? I think they got a sneak peek at your color challenge! They omitted the darker colors, but they nailed the orange, gold, cream, light brown and baby blue. Yum.

  8. 14


    I can’t do this one – It’s just too revolting. I have been using the photos for reference and inspiration. Maybe I can substitute something from my own archives.

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    agreed, very strange but out of the weirdness comes beauty:) this is my first month joining the challenge and how great to see all the different and unique designs from people – love it!

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    Hen says

    Someone said they did not find an old pie inspirational for a quilt. I myself absolutely love the color palatte, amazed at how just inspirational an old pie can be and most of all when my piece is done I will always hold a secret smile to how it all came about. God uses all things for the good, even a discarded pie!

    • 16.1


      I don’t think it’s the “pie” but the palette and if they miss the inspiration in this palette, that’s just a better chance for the others to win Vicki’s fat quarter packet!!

  11. 18

    Christina says

    Ooooo but the palette reminds me of verdigris. Simply stunning!
    Ack.. new pie… different colors. 😀
    ~Christina in Cleveland

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    JoAn GODFREY says

    as an aside to your pie. i left for a 4 day art show with my sister just after thanksgiving one year. i came home to find the roaster on a chair under the dining room table. DH (term used loosely) had cut off some for a meal and left it. i don’t know how they didn’t know it was STILL on the chair.

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    landscapelady says

    I have a very large stash but after an extensive search could not find the blue green color, luckily I live 5minutes from Joanne’s – in I went and searched the store – none! I looked at the wall of cottons, batiks, clearance area to no avail. Finally I found some in the linen section. I only need a little piece but finally found it. I just thought it odd that color is not common.