Big Mistake . . Big One!

So, I’m knitting on the socks I want to send to the mechanic’s wife. I normally use 7″ DPN Quicksilver needles. I’ve switched over to 6″ Harmony Wood needles from Knit Picks.  When knitting socks, and using 7″ needles, I measure the leg by the needle . . 7″ down and start the heel.  Then I measure the foot by the needle length . . 7″ from the start of the heel to where I start shaping the toe.

Any guesses as to where this is going?

When I made the first sock, I measured the leg by the knitting needle.  Didn’t even notice it looked short.  I measured the foot by the knitting needle.  Didn’t even notice it looked short.  Yesterday it hit me . . the foot is 6″ and the leg is 6″ instead of 7″.  I tried on the sock and it fits me fine but I have fairly small feet.  I have no idea what size shoe the lady wears so I think my mom, who has itty bitty feet will get these socks.

One step forward, two steps backwards!  I’ll finish the second sock and maybe the Mad Tosh socks I make will be for the mechanic’s wife.


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    Marilyn Smith says

    I love all the socks you knit. They are all just beautiful. My problem is I wear a size 12 shoe – guess I would have to use a men’s pattern to get some to fit. All the ladies socks I buy are really too tight.

    Have you checked Trends and Traditions lately? Heather has a beautiful sweater there. It is yummy!

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      Marilyn, once you start knitting, you just make the sock to fit you. It really has nothing to do with using a man’s or a woman’s pattern.

      • Denise ~justquiltin says

        So right Judy! Marilyn I wear the same size you do and many patterns come in multiple sizes. I highly recommend the Socktopus book — it lays out a formula to follow using measurements of your own foot so you can get a sock to fit the way you like.

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    It looks like your knitting cuff down.
    If so, why not frog the sock back to just beyond the toe decreases and knit the foot a little longer?


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      There’s no need. I have plenty more yarn and this sock will fit mom just fine. The leg is shorter than I like so if I were truly going to fix it, I’d need to knit all the way back and make the leg longer too. Not gonna do that! 🙂

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    Your mom will be happy! 🙂 The yarn is very pretty Judy! And sock is nice too!

    How do you line the knitpicks harmony needles! Too bad they didn’t come in 7″!

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    Evelyn says

    That is funny – you measure your socks the same way I do! I like my old 7.5″ needles, but also have 7″ needles. I think I would run into trouble with 6″ needles! But your Mom is the one who wins out on this pair – they look nice and I am sure she will love them! When making 9″ socks before starting the heel, I caste on more stitches and then decrease after 3″. Cheers! Evelyn

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    Gail says

    Hi Judy…I am a loyal lurker of your blog. I enjoy your writing and photos and get lots of inspiratation from your quilts.
    My 8 year old grand-daughter is coming for a visit next weekend. I thought I would purchase some supplies to teach her to knit. I haven’t knitted since Girl Guides and was wondering what size of needles and yarn would be easier for a child to manage (let alone me!) Would circular needles be a better choice to avoid dropped stitches?
    I would appreciate any comment you would have. I saw very inexpensive needles and yarn at my local Walmart, but was at a loss as to which to buy.
    Thanks for your faithful blogging…it is much enjoyed!
    Best regards from Gail in Wa State

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    Joyce says

    Judy, I’ve just started knitting socks and am already hooked. I’m using the 2-at-a-time toe-up method and loving it. Would you be so kind as to share the name of the yarn used in this pair of socks? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!