Where did April go?  Do I say that every month?

The UFO number we should all be working on for May is:



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    Once again, thank you Judy for the motivation to get something done that had previously been (tried to be) forgotten. I finished my project with a bit more than a day to spare, but we’ll see how May’s project ends up. It’s a big one, but I love a challenge.

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    Judy, I love this UFO challenge. Last year I think I finished nine and so far this year I have finished at least two (having a senior moment – just drove back from Maryland). It is so great to have an incentive. The one I finished for this month has been hanging over me for way too long and I am delighted to have it done. Thanks.

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    I’m running a little late because of having to travel east for my uncle’s funeral but I’ll be done in a few days .. Just the border to quilt and the binding.

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    I’m so glad you host this challenge! I don’t think I had made the blocks this month without. Now I have to look at my list what’s #2.
    Have a wonderful day!

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    I finished #10 in February. I just wanted new placemats in February, I guess. I’ve had a month break and I’m quite pysched for #2 which is to make two table runners that were supposed to be Christmas gifts last year. This is good – they’ll be done for this Christmas!!

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    Carol in OH says

    OK, I added the wrong photo of my UFO Challenge. I posted last months. Should I change it or just move on?