Coop #2

This little building was over on the corner near our house and I’m not real sure what the former owners had in mind to do with it but we decided to make it into a second chicken coop.

It seems to me that it took more work than it would take to start from scratch but what do I know?  They had to take the metal off the roof because Steve, the builder, is a perfectionist.  Then, because Steve, the builder, is a perfectionist, they took the trusses down and the posts and re-squared the little building.

New metal, new roof, new trusses, framed for doors on each end.  This is actually going to be a chicken duplex because it will be divided and one side will be for bantams and one side will be overflow from the first coop . . the 6 Dominiques will be there for now.

Two windows are in now (though only one was in when I took the picture).  Vince is going to take the wood from the bottom half of the back side (it’s kinda like barnwood) and frame up around the windows so all the wood will match on the front.  On the back side, which is the woods side, he’ll build the nesting/laying boxes and use some other kind of wood.  It will all be stained to preserve it and keep it looking like an old barn (vs. painting it).

He will have to fence a run for them and it will have to be divided too so the bantams and the full chicks don’t mix and cause my full size chickens to produce half size chickens.

I’m so hoping that by next weekend we can move the chickens over there and get them all out of the shop.  What this all means though is that by the time they have food and water inside the coops and runs, I’ll have 6 containers of food and 6 containers of water to maintain.  Whose idea was all this anyway?  🙂

All I have to say is . . one of these hens better lay some golden eggs!  Since we paid Steve, the perfectionist, to build both these coops, we’ve spent more $$ on these Texas chickens than we ever imagined possible.  We just thought we spent a lot on the Missouri chickens!!