Sweet Treat Quilt Along Part 2

Instructions for today include finishing the blocks started in Part 1.

For the sides, cut 2 – 2″ x 5″ strips.  For the top and bottom, cut 2 – 2″ x 8″ strips.

It doesn’t matter which way the seam allowances are pressed.  Try to be consistent with pressing them toward the outside or toward the center but it isn’t going to matter since they won’t be matching up with other seam allowances.  The blocks should be 8″ unfinished.

Can you get 30 of these done before Friday?  Sure you can!  Next installment will be posted Friday.

Duck Calls

Have you ever watched the show, Duck Dynasty?  Oh, my!  It’s hilarious but on the other hand, it’s kinda sad.  Those folks are from Louisiana.  They crack me up but really . . I’m not sure they help Louisiana’s image.  Speaking of Louisiana’s image, I heard on the radio this morning that they were named the least peaceful state with the highest homicide rate.  That’s not so much the case in the area where I call home.  I hardly know anyone who’s been murdered!

Back to Duck Dynasty . . supposedly the family made their millions from making duck calls.  Remember this?  Watching that video still cracks me up.  Almost 2-1/2 years ago.  I want to go back!!  I miss Chad and his duck calls.  I miss everything about Chad.  OK . . we’re not going to cry . . are we?

On our Amazon account, all the emails confirming our purchases come though my account.  Vince really should learn that’s not a good idea.  I suppose it’s better though for me to see what he’s purchasing than for him to see what I’m purchasing, don’t you think?

So, Vince is going to turn duck calls?  Maybe we’ll be millionaires some day . . like the Duck Dynasty folks.  Maybe Chad can move here and we’ll have a family business!  Or, maybe not.  Since I have known Vince, he has bought and sold more woodturning equipment than you would believe.  He also has lots of exotic wood and he’s darned good at it but, he never does it.  He moved all that equipment and wood from Georgia to Mississippi to Kentucky to Missouri to Texas!

I would be real happy to see him get back into doing a lot of woodturning.