Vince and Bertha

There’s another lady in my husband’s life.  She adores him.  I do too but I really don’t make a scene when he comes near me (unless it’s payday!).  🙂

Bertha gets so excited when she hears his voice.  I do too except on the day the credit card bill arrives and then I hope he has laryngitis and cannot speak because I usually don’t want to hear anything he has to say about that subject!

Big Bertha!  Remember her?

She’s the little yellow one . . the one we wondered if she was a rooster.  She is not . . I don’t think.

She has grown into a beautiful young chicken and she has a crush on Vince!

She has nothing to do with me . . nothing!  This fence is temporary and kinda loosely strung around some trees.  There’s one spot where it leans and she can climb right up to the top and fly down and that’s what she does when she hears Vince outside.  He catches grasshoppers and feeds them to her.  So . . if there are any men out there and you want your woman to follow you around . . Bertha’s advice is . . Catch grasshoppers and feed them to your woman!  Judy’s advice . . Don’t say a word when the credit card bill comes in!  🙂