Kindle 2nd Generation Alert

Since leaving my Kindle Fire at mom’s and while waiting for the new Kindle Touch to arrive, I got out my old Kindle 2nd Generation to use.   I tried to download books to the computer and then using the USB and cord, to transfer books from the computer to the Kindle but I couldn’t get that to work.  The computer wouldn’t recognize that anything was plugged into the USB port and Vince was going to look at it and never did.  This morning as I went to remove the Kindle cord that was still laying on the floor by the computer, I noticed this.

My first thought was that Speck had chewed the cord.  It’s been many years since he chewed anything but you never know.  Then I noticed the rubbery stuff was cracked everywhere and was just falling off the cord.

I called Amazon and yes, that’s a known problem for 2nd generation Kindles purchased in 2009 and 2010.  They said to definitely not use the cord as it can be hazardous.  They’re sending me a new cord, which was nice but I think, since they know just about everyone who has a Kindle, they should have been a bit pro-active and contacted us.

If you have a second generation Kindle (or maybe any Kindle), please check your cord and check it often.  Mine was not like this at all when I plugged it in last week.


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    We had that happen a few months back and Gary just ordered me a new cable from a company where he buys cables for other things. We never thought to complain to Amazon…..but now I think I might…since it turns out they knew this was a problem!!!

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    Michelle says

    Thanks for the heads up. I got a Kindle back in 2010 and my cord is still ok. No sign of cracking yet.

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    Sandra Clarke says

    Glad you told me about this, because mine has done the same thing. I use my iPad mostly now with kindle but will contact Amazon.
    I was telling my friend who lives in rural Georgia about hummers and she said last year she was using 5 pounds of sugar a day . She has not been so generous this year.

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    Suzette says

    My daughter’s kindle cord did the same thing. I bought a new one plus a spare.

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    thanks for the info –

    I keep my charging cords in one place to make it easier to plug in the phone and other items. So, there’s not a lot of movement of the cord and I never ever thought of looking at the status of the cord. The battery lasts so long that I don’t even bother taking the charging cord with me on trips.

    But, I checked my cord and there was a tiny spot which looked like something bit into the cord. I did a live chat with Amazon and they immediately gave me a $10 promotion credit and gave me the link to the product. So, I am getting the replacement cord in a couple days.

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    Amie T says

    How do you like the Fire? I have the Touch and would like a tablet/reader…..with a camera. Which the Fire and Nook don’t have. I read online that the new Kindle tablet comes out in July but it doesn’t have the camera either. Maybe the Samsung or Toshiba. They do have the camera. Makes me mad the Amazon wont just give us what we want instead of dragging it out so your force to keep buying one reader after another and then trying to sell them when you upgrade again. Amie