My New Favorite Ice Cream

I’m a huge fan of Blue Bell ice cream.  Their Homemade Vanilla is my very favorite vanilla ice cream and I love it in a float with A & W Root Beer.  I hardly ever buy A & W Root Beer because I can’t stop having root beer floats til it’s all gone and by then I’m needing a size bigger jeans.

Blue Bell’s newest (to me at least) flavor is Red Velvet Cake.

It has that sweet, creamy base . . tastes like real cream with sugar . . and then it has big chunks of red velvet cake, and smaller pieces of cream cheese icing.

It’s so good!  I can only hope it’s one of their seasonal varieties and doesn’t stay around for long or I’m going to have to find more self discipline than I think I can find!

A Baby Sack

Last night I finished the Owlie Sleep Sack that technically I won’t call it a sleep sack because you can’t leave the baby unattended in it because it’s not flame retardant and approved for infant sleepwear but I can see it being nice and cozy for keeping the baby warm in a stroller.

It was quick and fun to make.  Once the little sack is blocked and the matching cap is knitted, I’ll maybe use some brown yarn to make some eyes and they will look more like owls.

The yarn is Madelinetosh DK and the color is Tomato.

Texas Sized Insects

It seems like every week there’s a new and bigger insect or critter that shows up around here.  Wait til you see the giant rainbow colored lizard that showed up this week.

The grasshoppers aren’t new but every day they seem to get bigger.  Here’s one that was on our porch last night.  He’s sitting next to a quarter.

The spit some kind of foamy substance but worse . . they bite . . or that’s what Vince tells me.  I will hardly catch them, even though the chickens love them.

But, here’s where I’m glad we live out in the country with no close neighbors.  Last night I was out with Speck and I felt a grasshopper land on my shoulder.  I tried to brush him off but somehow, he went right down my shirt.  Yes, you know what happened.  Off went the shirt and I was dancing and screaming and swatting.  I’m sure it would have been a sad and scary sight for any one to witness.  Thank goodness no one saw.

Day before yesterday I killed a snake and last night, the grasshopper down the shirt.  It’s a good thing I love Texas!