My Aunt Paid Us A Visit

My dad’s sister, Aunt Gail, lives about 1-1/2 hours from us.  She’s a scrap quilter.  She totally loves scraps.  For years she’s been asking me what I do with my scraps.  I think I saved a few of them and gave them to mom to give to her.  Mostly I just don’t have a lot of scraps because I work off yardage.  I cut the strips I need and leave the rest of the fabric for the next project.

I have to share a funny story about this aunt.  The church where my grandparents, and all my aunts and uncles always attended  is a little country church.  Each year in August, they have “Homecoming” and everyone goes back, everyone brings food — really good country cooked type food.  They have a group that comes in and sings and it’s an all day affair.

Chad was probably about 10 or 11 the last time we went.  Chad and I had spent the night in mom and dad’s camper at their farm and I was already tired.  Think about that . . Chad was not happy about being there that long and having to sit still and all the preaching and singing but he pretty much enjoyed the eating.

Aunt Gail wasn’t about to go to Homecoming and I talked her into it.  She wasn’t happy but she agreed to go. She and her sister and other family members were sitting on the pew behind us.  The preaching was going on and on and on and I was threatening Chad that if he didn’t behave, I was going to bring him back the next year!  Aunt Gail tapped me on the shoulder and dropped a note in my lap.  Chad grabbed it and read it and it said “If I ever get out of here, I’m going to  kick your butt for making me come!”  That was it.  Chad lost it.  I thought he was going to laugh out loud and I wanted to trade places and let Aunt Gail sit by him so no one would know the out of control kid was mine.

Chad obviously doesn’t remember how hard it was for him because he and Nicole had planned to go back this year.  He told her how good the food was and  he told me he really wanted some of that fried chicken!

So . . my aunt came to see us today.  About six months ago we went to see her and I took her a bunch of scraps.  I had told her I had more but just hadn’t had time to get to Llano to give them to her.  She called this week and said “I need my scraps!  I’m coming to see you on Friday.”  I smoked a chicken, made potato salad, baked beans, okra & tomatoes and a cake.  Vince took the day off so we all had lunch together and my aunt got her scraps.

I thought she wasn’t even going to get off the floor and eat lunch but she did.  Did I tell you that she loves scraps?  🙂

There was something in it for me too.  She brought me 4-1/2 dozen pullet eggs.

She has 23 young chickens and I think she said she has 5 roosters.  We have 25 chickens and will probably end up with 5 roosters . . isn’t it funny that we have almost identical numbers in our flock?  I love pullet eggs and depending on how long it takes for my chickens to start laying, these eggs could last me til I’m getting eggs from my own girls.

A Look Around

How about a look around our yard to see what’s changed since the last tour?  So far, all our fruit trees are alive.

In the front, we’ve added a fig, a full size regular pear, two dwarf sugar pears, a dwarf cherry and a pomegranate.

Not sure how much you can see but the little fig tree in the front is loaded with figs.  One day this week I saw two deer checking it out and trying to figure out how they could get through the fence and munch on those juicy leaves.

On the side there are three peach trees (one still not planted in the ground) and one more fig.

The second chicken coop is close to being finished.  Vince thinks we can put the chickens in there by the end of the weekend.  I’m so ready!

This . . I’d like to not see in my yard!

Another oxygen sensor was replaced this week.  I think it has four oxygen sensors and we’ve replaced two — one each week for the past two weeks.  If anyone asked me (which they didn’t), I’d say put the darned truck in the shop once and replace all four of them at the same time.  It also got a new gas cap this week because the old one was either cracked or leaking or something.   I can see us patching this pickup forever and never getting the full size truck that we need.  I guess I shouldn’t complain.  Twice this week I’ve sent Vince my grocery list and he got what I needed so I didn’t have to go out.  What a good husband . . even if he won’t buy a new pickup!  🙂