More Coop Progress

Vince has spent most of the day working on the second coop, after I pushed his lazy butt out of bed at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning.  It was so nice and cool outside right around daylight.  I love that time of morning.  Too bad I love to sleep late too.

He’s still telling me the chickens can be moved into the new coop by Sunday night . . same thing he’s told me the past three weekends so I’ll believe it when we move them in there.

This picture shows the proximity of the coop to the rail fence.

Before you ask, the rail fence is not our property line.  There’s a bit less than 1/4 mile (but I’m a terrible judge of distance) between that fence and the highway and our property goes to the highway.  Just because I have to say it . . isn’t it just so pretty out here?  The pile of rock there is what is on the outside of our house so if ever we want to add something else, we have extra rock.  There are several other piles here and there.

Vince is busy working.  These are the laying/nesting boxes on the back side.

Vince is showing how nice the nesting boxes are that he built.

Vince: How did you get on that side of the fence?
Me: I crawled through.
Vince: You crawled through the rails? I always walk around to the gate.
Me: I have on flip flops . . I’m not walking through all those weeds to get here.
Vince: You really crawled through the rails?
Me: Yes! I did.
Vince: I don’t believe you .. crawl back through.
Me: In your whole life, you have never spent ONE day on a farm, have you?

I was cracking up.  He didn’t think I had crawled through the rails.  When we were kids on the farm, the first thing we learned to do was climb the fence . . over, under, through . . however you had to do it because gates were never where we needed them to be.

Then, Vince’s favorite cow came up to the fence.  Can you see her in the distance.  She’s been here four times begging for treats today.  They know he’s so easy!

Vince thinks the new coop looks like a little tiny church!  It’s so cute!  I sure hope the chickens love it as much as we do.

Instead of back yard chickens, the ones living in this coop are going to be front yard chickens.  I guess when you live out here, it doesn’t really matter . . back yard or front yard . . no one is looking and no one cares.


Sweet Treat Top Is Done

The Sweet Treat, aka May Color Palette Challenge top, is done!

The backing is pieced and I hope to get it all loaded on the longarm this evening!

Half Empty or Half Full

We’ve heard that saying . . the glass is half empty . . all our lives.  Vince borders on being a half empty kinda of guy and I’m usually a half full kind of girl.  Sometimes I’ll say to Vince “Do you see that you’re being half empty?” and he’ll often respond that it’s easy for me to be half full because I never take off my rose colored glasses.  Fine . . get yourself a pair!  Life is too short to see the bad too often.  Yes, we have to be realistic but I can hardly think of a situation that’s all bad.  Yes, I can think of a few and I don’t want to bring them up but even those, if I think about them for a few minutes,  I can mostly find something good that came of those really bad situations.

Please don’t think I’m living in la-la land and don’t have a clue what’s going on in the real world.  I do . . to some degree but I don’t dwell on the bad.  Sometimes, bad things are just going to happen . . nothing we can do to stop it.  But, then . . we have a choice.  We can let it keep us down or we can pull ourselves up, find something good . . even if it’s really small, put a smile on our face and brighten someone’s day.  You may be crying inside but I find it makes me feel better to wear a smile instead of a frown.

Yesterday on Facebook, a friend, Carol, posted this:  The worst part of a breakup is the knowing that you are not wanted, needed, or missed.

My response to her:  Or, it could mean that there’s someone out there who wants you more, needs you more and will miss you more than the current person!

You know what?  I’ve been there!  I’ve felt not wanted, not needed and not missed.  I’ve gone through breakups, being so in love and knowing Mr. Right is who I’d spend the rest of my life with, only to have my heart broken and find it wasn’t going to work and then to later realize I’m so glad it didn’t work.  Remember Garth Brooks’ song that says “Thank God for unanswered prayers!”?  I tried everything available to doctors back in the 80’s to get pregnant, only to get pregnant and then have a miscarriage.  I thought I would die.  I still have the calendar on which I wrote everything — the test was positive, first doctor’s appointment . . and then it didn’t work.  But, had I had that baby, we would not have adopted Chad and you know how much I love that young man!  Yes, I would have loved the baby I had just as much but it would not have been Chad.

Sometimes the only way we can keep on keeping on is to try to find something good in even the worst of circumstances.   Probably every one of us has experienced illness, death, financial woes, family disappointments, and worse!  It happens and we can’t control it but we can control to some degree how we react to it.  And, we can be a “half full” kind of friend to help lift the spirits of of our friends in need.

What kind of person would you rather be around?  Half full or half empty?  What kind of person are you?  (Don’t tell me . . just think about it please.)

I want to smile and find ways to be happy and help my friends to be happy.  Can you do something this weekend to cheer someone up?