The Chicken Condo

These chickens had better appreciate their new digs.  Last night we thought we were going to get them all set up but we ran out of daylight before getting the finishing touches done.  Surely it will happen tonight.  You know those last minute things that need to be done . . the curtains hung, the china in the cabinet, the pictures on the walls and the ice maker hooked up!  🙂

These chickens will have a two story duplex!  What do you think of that second floor balcony?  They can sit up there and look out the window on those days when they don’t want to be outside.  Or, they can sit on their second floor balcony and visit with their neighbors who might be sitting on their second floor balcony!

While I was in the coop getting pictures, I decided to view the neighboring condo just to see what the chickens will see when they look over at their neighbors.

Oops!  That’s no chicken neighbor . . it’s my  husband.  Is he taking a nap in the chicken condo?  Kinda looks like it but he’s still in there working . . installing flooring at the moment.

It’s going to be nice for us and for the chickens to get them moved in there.  They’re so much easier to care for when they’re in the larger space, with a larger food and water container.  And they’ll be so fun to watch as they investigate their new space.  I can hardly remember life without chickens in the shop!

Critters Above and Below

Snake season is in full force around here.  I’ve seen three different snakes in the past five days.  Honestly . . I’ve seen enough!  No more snakes . . please!  And, why do snakes look just like water hoses?  I have water hoses everywhere in the garden and that’s how I almost stepped on the first snake . . it looked like a water hose.  Now, I’m being really careful where I step.

A couple of days, ago, I went to turn on the water faucet and I heard what sounded like a snake rustling through the grass.  I looked around and didn’t see one so I began watering the garden.  I looked over at the chickens and they were all lined up like little first graders watching a movie . . they were all standing as still as could be, with their necks stretched out peering over at something.  The snake!  It was a ribbon snake.  I’m still of the mindset that the only good snake is a dead snake so I went to get something to kill it and the closest thing I could find was a sledge hammer.  The snake was faster than I was and it got away.

You should see me walking now.  I’m looking everywhere . . not a step without first making sure there’s no snake headed my direction.  But . . how can I look up and down at the same time?

Yesterday, as I was going through the garden gate, I happened to look up.  There’s a critter above the gate, waiting to jump down on me I’m sure.

See . . he’s checking me out . .dinner he  must be thinking!

I guess if the snake on the ground doesn’t get me, the lizard above will do it.  Maybe I need some kind of body armor and a helmet before going out into the garden.  Or, maybe I just need to get rid of the flip flops and put on the snake boots.

Did you notice how pretty the sky looks?  Have I said how much I like Texas . . just not the Texas critters!  🙂


Design Wall Monday – May 21, 2012

On my design wall are some log cabin blocks my aunt and I found while digging through boxes.

There are 24 blocks made and they’re going to finish at 9-1/2″ .. weird size, huh?  I’m thinking I might try to use 12 blocks in the center of two quilts and add other blocks and borders and make 2 QOVs.  We’ll see what I come up with.