Heirloom Gardener

A new issue of Heirloom Gardener arrived yesterday and I stayed up way too late last night looking at it.

I look so forward to each issue.  If you have an interest in gardening or have someone on your gift list who’s a gardener, you might want to check out this magazine.  I have no idea if this magazine is only available through subscription or if it might be at bookstores but I really like it!

Sweet Treat Photos

I’ve created a Flickr group (I think) where you may add photos of your top or progress on this project.  I haven’t done this before so it may take a bit of tweaking to get it to work.

Once I set up the Sweet Treat pattern on the free patterns page, I’ll add this link so it will be easy to find.


Pizza . . Again!

Since the move, I have not been able to find my pizza stone.  In MO, I had a regular stove with the full size oven underneath the stove top and I had a full size wall oven.  The pizza stone stayed in the wall oven and it was rare that I’d take it out of there.  I’m wondering if I left it in there or if I just haven’t found it yet.  Vince kept saying “When are we going to have pizza again?” so I gave up finding the old one and bought a new pizza stone.  You know what that means . . I’ll find the other one now.

Nice and clean . .

Last night I made pizza.

Pepperoni, mushroom and onion (on my side).  Good!  Fantastic!  For the sauce, I start with a quart of my home canned tomatoes.  Talk about good!  Homemade crust, homemade sauce . . I think we’ll be having lots of pizza this summer.