Heirloom Gardener

A new issue of Heirloom Gardener arrived yesterday and I stayed up way too late last night looking at it.

I look so forward to each issue.  If you have an interest in gardening or have someone on your gift list who’s a gardener, you might want to check out this magazine.  I have no idea if this magazine is only available through subscription or if it might be at bookstores but I really like it!

Sweet Treat Photos

I’ve created a Flickr group (I think) where you may add photos of your top or progress on this project.  I haven’t done this before so it may take a bit of tweaking to get it to work.

Once I set up the Sweet Treat pattern on the free patterns page, I’ll add this link so it will be easy to find.


Pizza . . Again!

Since the move, I have not been able to find my pizza stone.  In MO, I had a regular stove with the full size oven underneath the stove top and I had a full size wall oven.  The pizza stone stayed in the wall oven and it was rare that I’d take it out of there.  I’m wondering if I left it in there or if I just haven’t found it yet.  Vince kept saying “When are we going to have pizza again?” so I gave up finding the old one and bought a new pizza stone.  You know what that means . . I’ll find the other one now.

Nice and clean . .

Last night I made pizza.

Pepperoni, mushroom and onion (on my side).  Good!  Fantastic!  For the sauce, I start with a quart of my home canned tomatoes.  Talk about good!  Homemade crust, homemade sauce . . I think we’ll be having lots of pizza this summer.

Chickens are Residing in the Condo!

It almost didn’t happen last night but . . it did!  Vince has worked so hard getting this coop done and it turned out so cute!

Here’s one side of the coop, all ready except for the wood shavings on the floor.  The food bucket still needs to be hung but for last night, it’s on the floor.

Vince brought the first bucket of chickens over . . the 6 Dominiques. Farmer Vince looks a tad grumpy, don’t you think?

We  began putting them in one by one.  They were scared to death.  They had no idea what was happening to them.  They’ll figure it out.  Poor little darlings!  One of them stood there and looked in the nesting/laying box like she kept expecting something to jump out of it.

Then the bantams were moved.  Same thing . . they were scared but they were a bit more inquisitive than the Dominques were.  This is my favorite rooster.  His name is Roscoe!

Here he is in the coop.  He’s so funny to watch.

The big white chicken behind Roscoe is the other rooster and his name is Otis.  We may try to put him in with the original 14 hens.

They’ll be so happy with their new home once they get used to it.