Keeping Texas Wild!

While out and about yesterday afternoon, I saw this license plate:

I started to write those folks a note and leave it on their windshield and tell them if Texas isn’t wild enough for them already, I’m not quite sure what they may be wanting.  Snakes in my yard, giant lizards on the fence waiting to attack, vultures living on my utility pole, coyotes howling at night, giant rabbits in the woods . . how wild do they want it?  :)

Maybe I should show them a picture of this beetle.  This is the hugest beetle I’ve ever seen.  That’s a quarter on my porch next to him.  Can you believe the size of bugs and lizards around here?

By the way, Vince asked the other day why there’s a quarter on the front porch and I said “For Comparison!”  He didn’t ask any questions.  I wonder if he knew what I was talking about.

On the other hand, maybe they’re wanting to have a wild and crazy party . . which is what we’re thinking about doing!  Vince is taking off Friday and we may celebrate having all the chickens in their coop.  Maybe we’ll drink a bottle of wine and stay up late . . maybe til 9 p.m. :)

Seriously, Texas is about as wild as I can handle.

Humpty Dumpty

When I get in quilt magazines, after I’ve read through them cover to cover several times, I tear out the patterns I might want to make some day, stick them in page protector pockets and put them into a three ring binder.  Humpty Dumpty appeared in the February, 1998 issue of McCalls Quilting and I loved it and knew I’d have to make it some day.

The ultrasound suggests that I’m having a granddaughter but I’m not going to go on a pink craze just yet.  Humpty Dumpty will be just fine for Adelina or whatever boy name they may have chosen.

I made this pattern once for one of Chad’s teachers . . a 7th grade math teacher who was having a baby.  Now I get to make it for my own grandbaby!

Next weekend is the quilt show in Abilene so I’ll check my black and white inventory and see if I need to do a little shopping.

Day 1 of Boots & Jeans

Our high today is supposed to be 99º, although the weatherman last night said 101º.  I’ll take the 99º over the 101º, though what’s 2º?

To prove to you that I have on jeans and boots . .

I love my new boots!  I feel like a kid who has something new and won’t take it off!  I could hardly wait to get up this morning, and get dressed so I could wear my boots!  :)

Speck’s not real sure what’s going on.  He thinks the boots smell funny.  Just wait til I walk out through the pasture and then come in with them!  Maybe I’ll watch out for those cow pies . . at least til my boots aren’t new any more.

Now . . where’s my horse?  No horse but I am going fire up the longarm and quilt Sweet Treat . . with my boots on!

Now I’m Ready!

A blog reader requested that I show no snake photos without a warning first.  In case anyone else is concerned, I won’t show snake photos because (1) I won’t show pictures of dead snakes and (2) If it ain’t dead, I’m not getting close enough to focus in and get a decent picture!

Now that we understand that . . a trip to Tractor Supply and I’m ready for however many of those critters might come my way.  First . . snake repellant.  The lady at Tractor Supply says people swear by this stuff and it smells so good, I’m thinking of covering the floor in the house with it.  Wonder if it works for scorpions?  I’m not putting a link to the site because I carefully cropped out a picture of a snake but if you go to the website . . beware . . there’s a picture there.  Anyway, this stuff smells like cloves and cinnamon.  It made my car smell good.

We’re going to sprinkle this around the perimeter of the garden and see what happens.

Then, I bought some more boots.

I love these boots!  I found them online and when I put in my zip code to see where’s the closest place that had them . . of course . . Tractor Supply!  I love that store!  I love the people who work there!

This is purely coincidental but look at how my flip flops match these boots!  Remember how the same thing happened with my rain boots?  The first tan line I’ve had since college and I’m fixing to start wearing boots and lose my tan.  Guess that’s better than what I’d lose if I get snake bit!  :(

You know what the nice lady at Tractor Supply said to me?  “I wouldn’t be wearing those flip flops in the garden because they’re snakeskin (faux I’m sure) and some male snake might think they’re a pretty female snake and wrap itself around your foot!”  She was just joking but . . she made the boot sale!

And, because my rain boots are too pretty for the garden, I ordered these.

And, we bought snake shot for the 22 pistol.  We have a 357 loaded with snake shot but Vince doesn’t want me using that one.  Don’t ask me why . . I don’t have a clue.

The flip flops are history for walking around in the yard.  Shorts are history.  It may be 120º outside but I’ll be the one with jeans, socks and boots!  Yes, a shirt too . . unless a grasshopper goes down it!  :)