The Royal Yarn Winder

Oh, my goodness!  What a difference!  I think my old yarn winder had something broken in it and now that I’ve used the new one, I know the old one just wasn’t right.

The movement is smooth – no jerking and backlashing.

The cake comes off evenly wound and not too loose or too tight.

I should have ordered a new winder a long time ago.

The yarn is wound for my Camp Loopy project, which starts on May 27th.  Good thing I checked because in my head, I was thinking the 28th!

Gardener Extraordinaire

Maybe my real garden is just average but the flowers are sneaking inside my door to bloom.

Maybe Speck planted it so he could have a pretty flower to smell while he’s snoozing in the sun, or maybe the little flower just wanted to escape the Texas heat and get a little air conditioning.  Or, maybe it’s time for me to bring one of my lime green weedeaters over there and do a bit of weed trimming!

Whatever the reason, a little lavender flower is always welcome.

The Rubber Boots

This is really the last pair of boots I’m getting for a while.  The cowgirl rain boots are just too pretty to wear into the garden.  Those are for days when it’s raining and I have to go to the grocery store.  It so rarely rains around here that the next time it rains, I’m going somewhere just so I can wear them!  But, I’m not wearing them into the garden.

The new cowgirl boots I bought Wednesday aren’t getting muddy so I can’t wear them into the garden, so I ordered myself a pair of plain every day rubber boots.  I was so hoping they would come yesterday because Vince is off today.  He seriously doesn’t care what I buy within reason but that doesn’t stop him from giving me a hard time and saying things like “How many pairs of boots are you going to buy?”

I figured they were coming yesterday and I figured UPS would bring them.  The UPS guy came . . nope, didn’t bring my boots.  I checked the tracking and it said “Out for Delivery” so I was ready when the mail lady called.  I went down to the gate and met her and got a box of boots and my yarn winder!

When I opened the big plastic envelope that had the boots . . something didn’t look right.

Nothing looked right . . especially “Hawk” and size 12.5.  I thought to myself . . ok  . . maybe they just stuck them in some odd box so I opened the box.

Oh, definitely not my boots!  Looks like Mr. Vince is buying himself some boots too!  I went back and checked the tracking on my boots and it still said “Out for Delivery”  . . by Fed Ex!

Just as we sat down to eat dinner, here comes the Fed Ex truck.  Vince said “I wonder what I ordered!”  I said “Boots! . . With pink horses on them” and hopped up to meet the Fed Ex lady.

Do you think he thought the pink horses were cute?  I don’t now . . because all he said was “How many pairs of boots are you going to buy?”