Feather Lessons

This will be the main page for the Feather Lessons.

Supplies Needed
Resources You Might Like
Lesson 1 – Drawing feathers, including corners on the top border.
Video #1 for Lesson 1 – Drawing feathers.
Video #2 for Lesson 1 – Stitching the feathers on the top border.
Lesson 2 – The Second Border (includes video)
Lesson 3 – The Triangles in the Top & Bottom extra borders.
Videos for Lesson 3
Lesson 4 – Feathered Wreath (includes video)
Lesson 5 – The Star Points (Rhomboids) (includes videos)
Lesson 6 – Help with Inside Feathers on Wreath


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    I have been eagerly awaiting this class. Should I load my Carpenter’s Star on the frame or will we be going ‘book work’ first?