Feather Lessons–Books I Love

Below is a list of “feather” type books I have and love.  Some of these I’ve had for a while and I haven’t checked to see if they’re still available.  Books that may not be listed . . doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love them . . just means I don’t have them and can’t recommend them if I haven’t used them.  Also, they’re listed in the order I find them on my shelves . . the order means nothing as to which I like the best.

  • Formal Feathering 101 by Sherry Rogers-Harrison
  • Feathers that Fly by Lee Cleland
  • Fine Feathers by Marianne Fons
  • Infinite Feathers by Anita Shackelford
  • Freehand Feathers, Borders and Sashes by Linda Mae Diney


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    OK….you know I’m a sucker for books. 🙂 I’ve ordered 3 of these. I may see if I can get the other 2 through inter-library loan. I’ve got my Carpenter’s Star top in progress. Just too much going on to get it done before your class starts tomorrow. But I’ll catch up.