June UFO Number

The UFO to complete in June is:


If you made significant progress on your May UFO, please share a link to your blog or photo!


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    WiAmy says

    Judy, last month you chose #2–the UFO that required the feather class. This month you chose #12 the only UFO other than #2 that I haven’t completed! I have worked on the number you chose each month (except last month) and finished extras and you never chose a month that I had already completed! I should have done #12 last month, but I finished a project that I started the month before. I really had wanted to complete my entire UFO list before starting something new (other than internet sew alongs)–well I just couldn’t resist and started a new project the end of April (at least it is completed). My sewing list is now full for June–no new projects–but still ones I am greatly looking forward to doing/completing! This has been fun and I hope to meet my initial goal of completing the 12 before July 1! Amy

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    Sue Bone says

    Interesting one. This month’s quilt just needs quilting but I wanted to do custom quilting on my long arm which is new to me. No customer quilting this month which is fine as I’m up to date apart from two identical quilts and the customer is in Australia for three months.

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    Denise ~ justquiltin says

    Hmmmm I already have number 12 done which means I clearly misread my list at some point or the number you posted so now I have to figure out which number I haven’t done that I should have worked on instead. LOL

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    Well…it doesn’t look like a lot of progress but it is! Honest! I’m looking forward to putting this down for a bit and working on something else. But getting it back out has gotten me back into it, so I hope to finish it yet this year. (If not, it will make the 2013 list!) Thanks once again for kicking me in the behind on another project that I should have finished long ago!

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    I sure was concerned that this May’s UFO wouldn’t get finished in time…it had so many pieces…but alas all the fretting and I finished with several days to spare. I’ve got a two others with lots of pieces yet this year. Since #12 is a small one, I’ll be starting in on one of the two that are sure to be like May’s. Thanks Judy for the nudge to finish. Sandi

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    Mary says

    I did finish… Both May’s and April – I was a little late with April because of some unexepected travel that month but now I’m caught up.

    #12 is the only UFO I have in pieces and the design wall isn’t available … We’re heading to Italy this month and will be gone most of two weeks so I think this month calls for a substitution.

    Thanks for continuing the UFO challenge. Each year it’s been my goal to finish up at least one per month but the year before you started the challenge I fell short in the last few months. It’s fun not knowing which one I’m going to be finishing ( while still having the flexibility to substitute if needed )

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    I am sorry I didn’t get to post a picture of my UFO for June. It seems to me it closed a little too early since this is just July 3rd.
    Anyway……I finished it and it is beautiful and worth going to look at.

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      You’re on last month’s post. Go to the July UFO number post. Each month, I post the number for that month, along with the link box for the previous month’s project.