Feather Lesson – Border #2

The border that is 2″ finished, the yellow one on my quilt, is the one we will quilt next.  This is where I do what I call the half feather.

These are one sided feathers where the seam line is the spine . . you do not have to draw in a spine.  These should be easier to do than were the outer border feathers.

You may notice that I did not stitch in the ditch on this quilt.  I usually do because I think it makes the lines crisper and neater but I just haven’t had the time on this project.  You can also see that I’ve meandered the background behind the blue triangles.  On the first quilt, I did a feather meander in this area:

If you want to do a feather meander and need a little guidance, I’ll post something on that over the weekend.  Otherwise, if you want to do a plain meander in the background area, you can go ahead and get that done.  I only work in the area that’s currently in the throat of my machine.  I will quilt everything in that area before advancing.  So, I am not recommending that you meander all the background at this point . . just what’s in the area of your throat space and this is after you’ve done the top border, and the narrow border.

Also, I never take my quilts off and turn them.  I always work the sides as I’m working everything else.

This is a good time to print the drawing of your quilt:

My printer obviously cut the bottom off of the picture.  Do you see how I’ve drawn in what I’ve done so far?  Roughly draw in what you’re doing.

Because . . when you get most of the quilted area rolled up and all you see is this  . .

. . you will not remember what you did at the top . . or at least I don’t!  I have to either take pictures with the digital camera or cell phone or make notes to myself about the direction the feathers are going, or the size of the meander or whatever.  Make it easy on yourself but if you need little reminders to keep everything right, do it.

Here’s the new video.  It goes back over some of what was in the video yesterday.  I’m using a Sharpie for the feathers and I hope you can see that better.

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First Border Stitched

The outermost, first border feathers have been stitched.

Here’s a close up of the feathers.  My feathers are not show perfect but I am happy with them.  You can see that I drew my spine, though I usually do not and, I obviously didn’t follow the lines very closely.  See how forgiving this whole process can be!

And here’s my corner.  No matter how much other marking I should do and don’t do, I always mark the curve around my corners and I try to follow that line pretty closely.

Here’s the stitching video, though I’m not sure I’m going to continue doing stitching videos.  I think the videos of the drawing on paper are more effective, along with the still shots.  Thoughts?