On the Needles – June 8, 2012

Being accountable really motivates me.  Last night, it was after midnight before I finished this sock but I was so determined I was going to finish it for this post . . and I did.

IMG_1145The yarn is Madelinetosh Sock, the color is Iris and the pattern is Zora.  These were supposed to be the socks for the mechanic’s wife. The quilt hasn’t been set yet because I wanted to send it with the socks.  I’ve decided to finish these socks and send them to the mechanic’s wife.

IMG_1147The yarn is String Theory Caper Sock.  The color is Sandy River.  The pattern is Simple Skyp Socks.  I love this  yarn and I love this color.  While I certainly don’t need more yarn, if I send these to her, I may order more of the yarn or . . I may not!

IMG_1146Also, on the needles – the first Camp Loopy Project.  The  yarn is Dream in Color Classy.  The color is Flamingo Pie. The pattern is Pine Forest Baby Blanket.  Not much has been done on this project other than cast on and make a couple of rows but I will get it finished by the deadline – June 27.

One of the things I really want to do is get started on the shawl using the Wollmeise yarn that was sent to me by a blog reader but I will not let myself start it until I get the socks finished for the mechanic’s wife.

Goals for this Week:

  • Finish Simple Skyp Socks
  • Cast on and get the ribbing done for the second Zora sock
  • Finish at least two skeins of yarn for the baby blanket (there are three skeins)

What’s on your needles?  Please do a blog post or post a picture on a photo sharing site.  Copy the link and share it here.  Please also give us details – pattern you’re using, the yarn you’re using and if you care to set a goal for what you’d like to get done in the upcoming week, that would be fantastic!


  1. 1

    CJ says

    what’s on my needles is a second sock of a pair. nothing special in the knitting pattern as I am a ‘new’ (3 yrs) knitter. But I made a mistake and there is a loose stitch several rows below where I stopped. I hate taking it apart, but it will unravel if I don’t! (more than it has!) I too have another project to start, bought it at a Quilt show, and only about 5 projects in the sewing rm…..

  2. 2


    Once I FOUND my camera (bad habit of not putting it in the same place twice) I was able to take pics and blog. Thanks for organizing this Judy!

  3. 5

    Karla says

    I have two things on needles, a prayer shawl on one set and a sock on the other am trying to divide my extra time between the two.

  4. 6


    Oh well, I posted with full intention of putting up a link, but I didn’t realized somehow that it was supposed to be all knitting. Anyhow if you care to look, it’s the Honeybadger sock pattern (see Ravelry) in Lorna’s Laces yarn~Lakeshore Drive is the color. I’ll do better next time!