Pizza Again

Vince loves pizza.  I like it ok but I love making it – it’s easy and I hardly mess up any dishes.


This afternoon when Vince asked if we could have pizza for dinner, I almost jumped for joy!  Not only is it easy to make but he loves leftover pizza for lunch and I love to “fry” the leftover pizza dough kinda like a flour tortilla. 

Pizza for dinner tonight.  Fried pizza dough for egg and bacon rollups for breakfast in the morning.  Leftover pizza for lunch tomorrow.  Pretty good, huh?

Feather Examples

These are a couple of examples that may help you as you plan out your feather designs.  To encourage those of you with machines without stitch regulators, both of the quilts I’m showing today were done before I had a stitch regulator.


This is a corner from my Glistening Rose Garden quilt.  If you look closely at this quilt, you will see that the feathers aren’t perfect but this quilt won 5 or 6 ribbons, including a first place at the Vermont Quilt Festival, Founder’s Choice at MQS, a ribbon at Quilters’ Heritage in Lancaster, PA.  The feathers were trapuntoed with a whole lot of tight stippling around them.


For the border, I calculated the amount of space each “arc” should take up and then I drew the spine.  I did a kind of a “shadow” template that had the outside edge and the inside edge.  I positioned that over the spine and marked the outer and inner lines of where the feathers would go and then I quilted the feathers to those lines.


This was a Stack & WhackR   and the main fabric was a leaf print so I wanted leaves in the border but I quilted them exactly as I do feathers and instead of making rounded ends, I made pointed ends and stuck the little “stem” in the middle", which changed feathers to leaves!


For the corner, I didn’t want it round so I had it just run off the edge of the corner. 

This quilt won first place at the AQS Expo in Nashville in 2004 (or maybe it was 2005 . . can’t remember).

You can do anything you want to do on your quilts.  Don’t limit yourself to whatever stencils you can find.  Stencils are great and I have plenty of them.  I’m not knocking stencils and I’ve seen gorgeous quilts that use lots of stencils but it’s nice when you can use stencils or freehand . . whatever suits you.

Keep practicing and if I can help you, please send me an email.

Feathers – Help with Wreath

This will be the last of the feather lessons.  If you have any questions, if anything I’ve written isn’t clear, please post a comment on this post and if there are enough questions, I’ll do a “Q&A” post and if not, I’ll respond to the comments here.

Before getting into the help with the feather wreath, if you’re fairly new to machine quilting, it may seem easier and more accurate to use stencils.  It will probably always be closer to perfect if using a stencil but if you can get to the point where you can freehand, things go so much more quickly and you don’t have to worry about getting marks out of  your quilts.  Keep practicing and before you know it, you’ll be happy with your freehand feathers.

DSC01639Someone had asked about help with the feathers inside the circle on the feather wreath.   We probably have all struggled with those inside feathers.  I can’t tell you why it seems so hard to get the slant correct.

See the arrow?  That’s where I started and you can see that the angle was not right so that when I got back to that point, there was a gap.   Be aware of how you’re starting out.  If you know that your beginning feathers aren’t slanted enough or are slanted too much, make a note to either slant more or less.


Depending on the size needle you’re using and the fabric, stitching with your machine unthreaded may leave permanent holes.  If you know you can stitch and then make the holes disappear (scraping with a wet fingernail usually does it), then unthread your needle and stitch 4 or 5 feathers.  By the 3rd or 4th one, you should have your angle correct.  See the dotted line in the photo?  Pretend that was stitching without thread in the machine.  See how after a few feathers, my angle was better?  If that doesn’t  help, the draw 4 or 5 with a water soluble pen or whatever you know will come out of your fabric, and start stitching on the 3rd 4th feather.  Make sense?