Quilts Spinning in my Head

The log cabin QOV is not going to get finished today.  It has three plain borders.  Why did I think there was only one?  The 25 patches are all done and are attached so maybe tomorrow I’ll get all the plain borders on!

sofa2Chad and Nicole got a new sofa this weekend and I asked Nicole if she wanted a quilt to use on the sofa.  The sofa is a very pretty tan – solid tan.  I had this design in my “waiting” files.  Nicole isn’t as much into bright colors as I am and she said she would like something with a little “coral” in it.  I have some Minkee type fabric so I thought I’d use that for the backing and then I figured since the baby’s owl quilt will have Minkee on the back, that would leave only Chad without a Minkee backed quilt so I found this easy quilt in my files.sofa Chad

Chad would love something with purple and gold (LSU colors).  So, that’s two quilts I would like to get made today or tomorrow (or within the next month or so).  Nicole called and asked if I could make a queen size quilt.  They have Chad’s old double bed but she’s bringing her queen bed over from her mom’s because Chad’s bed really is worn out and she said her back is hurting from sleeping on it . . so they need a queen quilt.


I said “Nicole!  You know I don’t do a good job with neutrals!”

This one is 93” x 105” which should work for a queen bed.  A queen mattress is 60” x 80” so that would leave about a 13-14” drop on the sides, by the time the quilt has been washed, and  about 20” on the bottom.  It won’t be long enough for a pillow tuck but it will be long enough for a little fold down at the top.


Here’s a version with a bit brighter colors.  I think I like this one better.  I’ll get Nicole to look and see what she thinks. 

I see there are a couple of spots where I have pieces colored incorrectly.  Hopefully I’ll catch all those before I start sewing!

Dallas . . The New Show!

Do you remember watching Dallas? It started in 1978 and ran until sometime in 1991. There have been few TV shows through the years that I have loved, but Dallas was one of them.

I would get so aggravated with those people! The greed! The deception! Around our house, everything stopped when it was time to watch Dallas. At work, at family gatherings, Dallas always came up in discussions. We were all watching the show.

Have you heard a new Dallas is about to begin? (Click on the link to read all about it!) The new series, featuring J.R., Bobby, Sue Ellen… the old time favorites, along with the cousins John Ross Ewing, who is J.R. and Sue Ellen’s son, and Christopher, Bobby’s son, and some other interesting folks, will premiere on Wednesday, June 13, at 8:00 central time on TNT. This episode will be a 2 hour show. Yay!!

Along with the original cast of Patrick Duffy (Bobby), Linda Gray (Sue Ellen) and Larry Hagman (J.R.). New folks will be Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe, Jordana Brewster, Julie Gonzala and Brenda Strong.

This new Dallas promises to include the battle for power, love and Southfork itself, and will take ambition and deception to a lusciously wicked new level! The Ewing Brothers, J.R. and Bobby, continue their rivalry, which has been passed down and raised to new heights in their sons.

In preparation for the big premiere showing of Dallas, there’s a new game, Rise to Power. Check it out and play the game. Read about the cast of characters and declare your allegiance to one of them.

There are over a thousand prizes but you must declare your allegiance before 8 pm. central time on Wednesday, June 13.

If you’re really, really into Dallas, you can follow J.R. on Twitter and Facebook! And, to further add to the excitement, you can even “star” in Dallas!

Are you looking forward to the new Dallas like I am? Which one of the characters would you pledge allegiance to? I chose Ann Ewing! Also, check out the Dallas page on BlogHer to see what other bloggers thought of the show!

Design Wall Monday – June 11, 2012

On my design wall . .

Top and bottom pieced borders then the final plain border and I’ll be done . . this afternoon I hope!