Garden Pictures


Can you see that little watermelon?  It has a long ways to go but there are quite a few of them out there.  By the end of the day yesterday, the stripes on the melons were very visible.  There are quite a few cantaloupe too.  I so hope a few of them make it to maturity (and to my plate!).


My next big harvest is going to be purple hull peas.  The plants are loaded with peas and they’re full of blooms.  The recent rain has helped everything in the garden so much. 

I asked Vince last night if he would tell me when he gets tired of squash.  We have yellow squash that needs picking every day.  I will freeze some of it for squash casserole but it’s so good when it’s fresh.

We are so lucky to have had good rainfall twice in the past two weeks. My garden is very thankful!



Anyone know what these are?  They grow on a vine and they’re growing wild around here.  I’ve never seen them before.  I haven’t picked them up to see if they have needles like a cactus.  Whatever they are . . we have a bumper crop.  I suppose I’m not lucky enough for them to be edible.  Don’t worry . . I’m not going to eat them but wouldn’t it be nice if they tasted like little watermelons?

Thanks for any info you have on these things.

Chicken Entertainment

IMG_1184It doesn’t take much to entertain us but we can sit outside for hours watching the chickens.   You can see our chairs sitting out there where we sit and watch them.  We still don’t have the run covered (notice how I say “we”? – I’m the one supervising while Vince does all the work!) but we opened the doors to let the Bantams and Dominiques into their run.  If you look real closely, you can see the white Bantams looking out their door on the left.  A couple of them ventured out but they didn’t stay long.


They’re perfectly happy to stand inside and look out.  They’re so chicken!  Roscoe is the little rooster in the front with the black tail feathers.  He’s so cute . . but he’s still a big chicken.  Here’s how chicken they are – last night Vince cleaned out the coop for the big girls (and Burt) and because it was all nice and clean and smelled different, none of them would go inside.  We were ready to close them up for the night and they would not go in the coop.  They would stand at the door and look in so we finally used a piece of PVC pipe to scare them all into the coop. 


Vince said he saw the little Dominque chickens out once but all I ever saw was them sticking their head out the door.  Can you see the little guy with his head out.

That little coop turned out so cute.  I never could figure out how Vince was talking about closing it in but I’m glad he had the vision for it.  We saved the little building and it ended up costing us less than starting from scratch.

About Burt – he crowed all morning Monday and then I didn’t hear a peep out of him the rest of the day Monday and not a sound on Tuesday.  Weird, huh?