Our Lunch Conversation

My husband can be such a  (you know what I’m thinking!).  He rarely jokes and everything is dead serious most of the time.

Here’s our conversation that happened at lunch:

Vince (while looking out the window):  Oh, my goodness!  What’s THAT?
Me:  What does it look like?
Vince:  I don’t know!  Get your camera.  It’s a giraffe!  No . . it’s just a stump!  Smile

Things are funny when he says them because he so rarely says anything other than “The world is coming to an end!”!

Last week we were talking about the garden and I said  . . You do realize that strawberries need to be replanted every so often.  The plants don’t always last more than 3 or 4 years.  Vince said “Well, that’s longer than some marriages!”  Who would have thought of comparing marriage to strawberry plants?

Two Skeins, Same Color

The Caper Sock Yarn from String Theory is one of my very favorite yarns.  I like it because it’s thick enough that I don’t feel like I’m knitting with string, and it’s springy and spongey and feels fantastic.


The socks I’m currently working on are Caper and the color is Sandy River.  Since I’m giving those to the mechanic’s wife, I debated about whether to order a replacement skein in the same color.  I have plenty of yarn so I almost didn’t but then I figured I’d always wish I had so I did.  Can you see the difference in the color?  The one on the left that I’m using has more muted color . . more pink while the new skein has more coral.  I’m fine with either but this is the reason they always recommend buying all your yarn for one project at the same time from the same dye lot.

It’s Not a Turtle

Have you seen that commercial where the lady jumps into the back of a police car thinking it’s a taxi?  That’s how I felt this morning.  My wakeup call comes way too early . . especially since I stayed up til after 1 a.m. trying to get more progress done on the baby blanket and the air conditioner woke me up at 5 and the air conditioner repairman tells me “that’s just how that brand sounds”!  Vince is calling him to come back today . . it’s way too noisy when it shuts off.  Anything that wakes me up has to be really loud!

DSC01692I was going out, in my usual half awake state, and I saw what I thought was a huge turtle.  I ran back in the house to get Vince and to get my camera.  What a great blog post I was going to have . . a giant turtle in my yard!  At this point, I realized I didn’t have my glasses on.  I usually put them on before even getting out of bed and keep them on til I turn off the lights to go to sleep.  There’s a good reason why I wear glasses!  I told Vince “Come see what’s in the yard!”


He was a bit apprehensive because he wasn’t sure what was out there  . . snake, mountain lion, coyote . . could be most anything around here.

But as we cautiously walked up to the turtle, things looked completely different than they had looked without my glasses.

Do you see how it kinda looks like a turtle?


It is not a turtle!  It’s a stump!  A stump with a “head” that makes it look like a turtle to an old lady without her glasses!

We must get that stump grinder out here and grind down about 200 stumps and I must never again leave the house without my glasses!