Nicole’s Quilt – My Colors

Tomorrow I’ll show the additional colorings for Nicole’s sofa quilt but this evening, I’ll show you the fabrics I chose to use and how I got there.

I was hoping to use a coral/salmon where shown in the drawing but there aren’t many of those in my stash.  There’s plenty of pink and plenty of orange but not exactly what I was looking for.  The first few photos show the Blank Shade Cascade that I was going to use for the three greens but then realized that little piece is all that I have left and it isn’t enough!

In the above picture I like the fabrics but think the brown is a bit too dark . . kind of overpowers the rest of the colors.  The background is a bit on the yellow side but I like it.

Here’s everything the same but a lighter brown.  I think that one is too light to stand out.  The brown is used just a little in the blocks and then again in the border.  I wish I had a brown that was between this one and the darker one but I don’t.

The peachy pink was swapped with an orange.  Everything else is the same.  I like the orange but still am not happy with the brown.

Here is about the time I realized my green choice wasn’t going to work and I had to pull out three green fabrics.  The light green is light against the background but it will be “framed” by the darker green and will not be against the background.  I also changed out the yellow to more of a gold and changed the background to more of a tan and less yellow.

In this grouping, the peachy/coral fabric has been swapped.  This may be what I’m going to use.  I’ll take my own advice – this is not brain surgery . . it’s quilting!  If my colors aren’t perfect, no one is injured . . life goes on.  I’m not one to stress over the fabric choices.

Another thing to remember is that with the fabrics spread out on the floor, my eyes aren’t taking into account how much of each fabric will be used.  Even though the brown is darker than I prefer, there’s so little of it used except in the outer border that I’m not going to fret over its darkness.

As you might guess, I’ve made a huge mess in the sewing room trying to figure this out.

Nicole’s Sofa Quilt

When I showed the quilts that I want to make for Chad and Nicole, there were quite a few requests for a Quilt Along for Nicole’s quilt.


This is a simple and quick quilt and I’ll be happy to do this as a Quilt Along.

The quilt measures 63” x 81” but could easily be made larger by adding more blocks (or smaller by making fewer blocks).

There are a few triangles and some flying geese but there are no half square triangles!

I will leave the posts up so if you can’t make it along with me, that’s fine.  I will go quickly . . if you truly want to quilt along with me, get some meals cooked ahead, clean your house, bake some goodies and put them in the freezer.  I’ll have meatloaf, green chili pork stew, stuffed peppers

The Quilt Along will be done in the Quilt for an Hour format where the instructions will be given in increments that should take one hour to complete.  This is the way the patterns are written in the book, Weekend Quilts.  The instructions will be posted on weekdays only so that gives weekends to get caught up if anyone falls behind.  The posts will begin on Monday, June 25.  The posts will be posted in the afternoon so as not to interfere with Design Wall and On the Needles posts that happen on Mondays and Fridays.  I cannot tell you yet how many posts there will be . . the instructions are not written yet.

FabricTomorrow I will post some additional color options, as well as my own fabric choices.  In the meantime, here’s the sheet that you can download and print.  On this sheet are the yardage requirements, as given by Electric Quilt. You will notice there’s also a blank square on the sheet where you can paste or tape your fabric choices for easy reference.

The yardage chart does not include yardage for binding.  I cut my binding 2-1/2″ and for this quilt, I will cut 9 strips, though I will probably only need 8 so that’s 22-1/2″ for the binding or 5/8 yard but that’s exactly the amount you need so if I were buying fabric, I’d buy an additional 3/4 yard for the binding.

Beautiful Areas of Texas

There are so many pretty parts of Texas and before we moved here, I had no idea how pretty this area would be.


Driving back through Comanche yesterday, there’s an area where there’s a ridge and it’s so pretty to look out over the pastures and see the ridge.  Everything is so much greener than it was this time last year in this area.  At our house, south of town, we’ve received quite a bit more rain than the lake area has received but the Comanche area has received even more rain than we have.


These cows are kinda funny looking to me.  They’re right on the edge of town and those houses you see in the distance are in a subdivision and two of them are houses we tried to buy during our house hunting escapades.  Even though the Comanche area is really pretty, I’m sure glad we didn’t buy there  . . Vince would be driving about 30 to 35 miles one way to work and though I know some folks do that and more, Vince wouldn’t have enjoyed that at all.  Right now he’s 7 miles from work and that’s farther than we’ve ever lived from his work.

Seeing those houses we had looked at and thinking about that long drive to Comanche makes me very happy we found our house.