Thursday was so busy.  I still had on my pajamas when Vince got home from work.  I don’t think that’s ever happened.  I started out with a huge “to do” list and what do you think happened right off the bat?  I cut the tip of my finger!  Not a bad cut but one of those that’s just so darned sore.  I got some new knives.  I’ve almost cut myself with them in the sink twice in two days and had said I wasn’t going to put them down in the sink but I did.  The first thing I did was reach down into the water and cut a huge chunk out of a fingernail.  I stopped, cut the nail, filed it smooth, stuck my hand back in the water and cut my finger on the same blasted knife.  That created problems for me all day!


I did get 21 jars of raspberry jam made.  I used Tattler lids on all of them except 3 so I can give away 3 jars . . no more!  Smile

Then the mail lady brought my tomato seeds that I’ve been waiting for and since time is so short, I stopped right then and went and planted them.


I think I planted too many but seeds and dirt are cheap.  I planted 15 containers of 8 seeds – all tomatoes! 120 tomatoes!  And I planted 8 eggplant seeds.  Chances are not all the tomatoes will come up but if they do, I surely will be a happy gardener.  My “honey do” priority for this weekend is for Vince to build some kind of shield/screen to keep those giant grasshopper things from eating my new sprouts.  It was fun feeding those grasshoppers to the chickens but I’ve had enough of  them already and want them gone . . for good!  Somehow I’m thinking that me wanting them gone for good is just too bad.

Fall Seeds

All the little cardboard trays are numbered and I made my trusty spreadsheet so I can take notes and decide which tomatoes do better here and which ones we like the best.  All I need now is  . . Fall!

Poor Feet!

Is there any place in the entire State of Texas where it’s safe to go barefooted?  I know not to even think about going outside with no shoes – sand spurs or cockle burs . . whatever you call them . . they hurt bad!

We don’t wear shoes in the house or in the sewing room so I know we’re not tracking them in and Speck . . if he even thinks he’s stepped on one, he just falls out on the ground with his paw sticking straight out waiting for help so I know he didn’t bring them in.

DSC01752Saturday I spent the entire afternoon in the sewing room and stepped on two of the burs.  Later that evening, I thought I had stepped on another one and couldn’t find it because it was camouflaged in some fabric pieces.

Then Sunday,  I felt it again and decided to find it and sure enough . . it was the third one I’d found in the sewing room in two days.


Then later on  Sunday evening, I stepped on a fourth one stuck in a rug in the house!

And besides the cockle burs, there’s stinging weeds in the garden.  I thought I knew what stinging nettle looks like and I don’t think it’s that but the first two times it happened, I was pulling weeds and thought a bee had stung me.  I keep an epi-pen with me and waited to see if I needed it but I was fine.  Then over the weekend, I pulled one weed and the same thing happened again so it has to be a weed.


Just about the time I start wondering why anyone would live here, I see my house and remember how much I love our land and our house and our garden and our chickens and that makes me almost love the cockleburs and the stinging weeds.  Almost!

If you’re wondering about the boxes on my porch . . the boxes that have been sitting there for months . . yep, I’m wondering about them too.  One is a picnic table that’s only been there a few weeks.  The other one . . the bigger one . . that’s patio furniture and it’s been there for at least three months.  I dare not ask . . Vince has been busy, but I surely would like to be using that furniture!

On the Needles – June 22, 2012

It’s a good thing I picked something easy for Camp Loopy Project 1 because there’s surely not been much time for knitting the past month. I just last night finished the second skein of yarn.  Thank goodness there are only three.  I’ve already knitted the required yardage and could stop at any time now.  I think I’ll knit the pattern through Saturday and then finish off the 9 ridges of garter stitch and be done!  The socks — didn’t touch them!  Here’s my Pine Forest Baby Blanket.  It’s an easy pattern . . just not enough hours in my day.

Goals for this Week:

  • Finish Simple Skyp Socks (that’s been on my list for 3 weeks now).
  • Cast on and get the ribbing done for the second Zora sock (same thing — third week on the list).
  • Finish the baby blanket.
  • Start the Camp Loopy 2nd project.