Dinner Tonight

Some evenings when the whole day has been spent going at warp speed, it’s nice to have an easy dinner!  Tonight was one of those nights.


It started with baking flour tortillas in the little shell makers.  I love using these because they don’t to be fried.  Corn tortillas can be used too and they get crispier but I prefer the flour tortillas.  Ground beef was cooked with taco seasoning.  Lettuce was shredded.  CucumbIMG_1254ers were peeled and chopped.  Tomatoes were peeled and chopped. Black olives were sliced.  On the table went sour cream and homemade salsa.  I wish I’d had avocados to make guacamole but I didn’t have that so we made do with what we had.

The shells were stuffed full of all the goodies and it was a nice, fairly light, summer dinner.


And then there was a bit of time for knitting . . not much time but if I can get in half an hour each evening, I’m happy.

Mechanic’s Wife Socks


It’s taken me way too long but finally the socks for the mechanic’s wife are finished.  It’s pretty . . what’s the word . . not sad, but I guess weird . . that I can make a whole quilt, from choosing the fabric to piecing to quilting to binding . . in one-third the amount of time it took me to make one pair of socks!  And what’s even weirder (or . . should that be . . more weird?) is that it doesn’t bother me one bit to send the quilt off to a new home but these socks – out of my beloved Caper sock yarn, I really had a hard time letting them go.  I have more yarn and will make myself a pair just like them . . some day.

Today the mechanic’s quilt, along with the socks for his wife, have been mailed.  I have not even checked the tracking number but my guess is that it should all get there by Friday.  I hope they’ll be pleasantly surprised and I hope they know how thankful I am for what they did for Chad.  I sometimes think that people who do such nice things for folks don’t even know how much it’s appreciated or how much it can touch someone.  Nice folks just do things like that and never expect anything in return.