Bugs and Spiders

Warning:  There’s a bug picture in this post!

I’m wondering if I’ll ever get used to the bugs and critters around here.  I grew up in southwest Louisiana so it isn’t like I haven’t lived with bugs but the creatures around here . . they’re huge and they scare me.

Monday night when I got in the shower, without my glasses, I reached for my little bath scrubby – those ball things made out of net.  Mine is blue.  I saw something brown in it.  I figured it was mud because sometimes, I do have mud on me when I get in the shower.  Thankfully I decided to pick it up and look at it a little better and it was a scorpion.  Can you imagine if I’d started scrubbing myself and that thing had stung me?

The next night I went into the bathroom and happened to look up and there was a centipede on the ceiling.  Vince was asleep.  I wanted to wake him up and tell him I was moving to some place more civilized  ask him to come kill it but decided to be a brave little Texan and kill it my own self.

spiderThe next evening (yes, this all happened three days in a row and I’m still here!) I went out to the sewing room to get something.  As I was leaving, I opened the door, looked down and saw this!  OMG!  I’m not sure if you get the idea in this picture how big this thing is but it is HUGE!  I knew Vince was outside but I wasn’t sure where so I calmly yelled “VINCE!  Come to the sewing room!”  He heard me and said “What’s wrong?”  I said “PLEASE COME TO THE SEWING ROOM!”

He came.  He said he had never seen a tarantula so big.  He didn’t even think we had them here.  Oh, yes, dear!  Anything big and scary and deadly . . they have them here! And I think they’ve all moved to the Yellow Jacket Ranch.  And besides that . . everything is bigger in Texas.  Maybe we should change the name of the ranch to “The Bug Killer Ranch”.  Maybe all the critters have gotten the idea that because we’re named “Yellow Jacket Ranch”, that we love bugs.  No!  We do NOT!

Where is safe?  Not in my shower, not in my bathroom, not in my sewing room.  Every night I turn the covers back on the bed, I look way down at the foot of the bed to make sure there’s nothing under there.  I look under my pillow, I look inside my pillowcase.  And even then, I know that some night, there’s going to be a critter in the bed with me and then . . I’ll no longer be a Texan!

Nicole’s Sofa Quilt–Hours #4 & #5

These instructions are getting out of order because all the patterns are on my desktop and I have the laptop with me at the library.  I hadn’t planned on having you make ALL the flying geese in one week but . . we’re going to do it that way because that’s the easiest way for me to get the instructions to you.

DSC01887Using the same measurements that you used for the previous flying geese, make flying geese using the colors the opposite places.  Make 36 today.  Yes, that’s a lot but by Monday, please try to have 72 of these made, and 72 of the first ones made and putting these blocks together will fly . . like geese fly!  Smile

There will be no instructions posted tomorrow . . it’s all included today . . simply because of my lack of internet.

Not Only the Internet Isn’t Working

But the blog is messing up.  I’ve struggled with Thesis and am giving up.  I have a lady who is helping me with the blog and I’m hoping she can get rid of everything Thesis and get rid of those database errors once and for all.

I’m still at the library, still trying to get posts done for the next few days and the blog is being most uncooperative!

For the next few days, between her working on the blog and my lack of internet at home, please be patient with me.