July UFO

The first half of this year is almost over.  Can you believe that?  The UFO number for July is:


If you finished the June UFO or made substantial progress, please  share a link here.


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    Another month come and gone and (I’m really sad to admit this) I didn’t even know which UFO I was supposed to be working on in June! That’s okay — I’ll get on it in July!! 🙂

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    I’ve been able to work ahead a bit on my UFOs not yet selected. Was real excited that 3 is for July…it’s one of the ones I’m almost done with. I’m looking for the right border fabric; one with multi colored clowns on white. I’m off to Quilters Choice in Chula Vista, CA today see what they have! Wish me luck. Sandi

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    I posted my progress on my UFO #12 before you posted the link but have linked back to it. I did make progress this month. Even with all I had going on. #3 is my Civil War Sampler. This month will definitely be a Challenge.

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    CJ says

    with only 3-4 UFO’s that I will claim….. I guess I need to get some things finished.