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As I’m cleaning out old blog posts that aren’t worth keeping and are cluttering up the cyberskies, I came across a series for longarm quilters that I did back in 2007.  Some of the information may be obsolete, but thought any of you longarm quilters, especially those just starting out or maybe those thinking about getting a machine, might find some of it useful.

I will label this post as “Tutorial” and if you want to go back and read any of this, simply click on the Tutorials tab above and find the info there.

Here are the posts I did in 2007:


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    Thanks for this, Judy. I’m a fairly new mid-armer, so I picked up a number of tips from this series. And I printed out the No Problems! section to keep at hand. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and talent! Stay cool 🙂

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      Diana in TX says

      Hi Brita, not sure what your temps. Have been but ours have been cooler than the family in PA! Amazing after last year!!! haven’t checked your blog lately, must go check it out!!!!!

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        We had one day of 103, which is unheard of here, plus a few others in the 100 range. Now it’s in the 90s, but thankfully, it’s going to cool off substantially this week. Pretty bad when you have to go to Texas to cool off! Now, get off the computer, and go play with your longarm!!

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    Diana in TX says

    And then there is me who should never have bought one. Used it fior a few quilts and decided I would rather piece the top and have some one else quilt it. So far it hasn’t been my thing. But it sits here taking up room in the hopes that I will try it again and actually like it! We bought it as I had just finished quilting those quilts for Mexico ( sunshine) on my sewing machine and that about killed my back. So DH thought this would be better. I think if I still don’t like it by the end of the year it will probably go. Will see!!!!

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      I didn’t know you have a longarm! Sometimes the hard part is just flipping it on and once you’ve done that, the rest is easy. Want me to come tie you up to the machine and I can knit while watching you quilt? 🙂

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    Kathy Rockey says

    Hi, Judy. I am in need of your apple pie filling to can recipe, I ordered clear jel and now I can’t get to your recipe. Also can you share the homemade hand lotion recipe, I’m out, and I didn’t save that one anywhere, either. If you have time to do that, with all your garden/foot/blog issues, it would be great!

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    lori says

    Glad to see you are getting your blog back back to a working state again. I seem to have problems after I load your page to going to the next entry. I have to back out of your blog site and re-enter yahoo and then go back to your blogsite again and select the next entry. Is it something I am doing or is it the new blog? Can you have a “next entry” key programmed on your pages? Thanks!

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    Thank you so much for this, as a short arm quilter I’ve known for a long time I wanted a long arm, now I know I’m not so crazy after all. thanks for being so generous with your info, for quilters and pieces alike 🙂

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    ALo says

    I know you posted this awhile ago but I want to thank you. I am reading these now because I just saw the link on the bottom of a post. I just purchased a long arm machine in August. I hope to quilt for some people but nothing fancy just edge to edge. So far I have quilted for my mom, sister and church. Thanks for the good info.