Snake Eggs

They’re not really eggs from a snake but they’re eggs for a snake.

No matter how securely the coop is built, and it’s very secure, snakes can get in.  During the day, they can come in through the open door.  They mostly come looking for eggs.  They’re going to have to have pretty good timing if they’re going to beat me because I’m out there a dozen times a day watching for eggs.  I suppose the phrase “Get a Life!” might apply when the highlight of my day is reaching into the next and getting a warm, fresh egg, often when the chicken has just finished laying it and may still be in the nest.

If a snake gets a real egg, they swallow it whole and slither off to some hiding place to digest it.  If they get one of these ceramic eggs, they slither off somewhere and probably die from a belly ache!

Any time I go to the coop, all the chickens come running up to see what I’m doing.

They’re so hot.  See how they’re holding their mouths open.  That’s what they do when they’re hot.  This weekend was miserable!

There were 7 eggs so I put 2 in three boxes and 1 in one box.  I wonder how many times I’ll fool my own self and grab one of those eggs.  They look pretty real.

Look at those goofy chickens all poking their heads into the nest to check out the new eggs.  They are so nosy and they notice everything.  If I go out there with my watch on or my ring or ear rings . . anything I don’t wear every day, they just stare and try to peck at whatever’s new.  One night I had a Band-Aid on my finger and before I realized that they noticed it, one of them had pecked it and almost pulled it off my finger.

Some folks put ceramic eggs in the nests to entice the chickens to lay in there so I’m wondering if having the eggs in all the nests will cause them to lay in different boxes besides having them all lay in the same nest every day.  We’ll see!


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    I love chickens! Hope the faux eggs do the trick. For every creature’s sake, I hope the weather cools down soon. This oppressive heat has been miserable for all.

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    I had never heard of ceramic eggs for snakes. I think it’s a great idea! Wonder how many you could go through in the next month….

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    Jo says

    Judy, i’ve given up on our black snake. I just let him stay in the coop. I only have one hen (luck of the draw) so i don’t even bother to save the eggs. We used to chase Sneaky Snake out but like you said, he always finds a way in. The guineas don’t care so i won’t either…and he is five feet long.

    Funny about nosy chickens. One winter i had a new jacket with a furry trimmed hood. They went ballistic when they saw that hood. I had to take the fur off. I gyess they think i’m a fox!

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    WiAmy says

    Have you considered one of those outdoor wildlife cameras for the coupe? It might be fun to see what goes on when your not watching!

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    Oh my! The snakes won’t hurt the chickens! I would be a nervous wreck and need someone to keep me calm all the time knowing this now and owning chickens! Glad I do not! Snakes are my biggest fear! Those poor chickens!!! And you Judy, oh, just don’t know how you do it!

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      The snakes would be more likely to harm smaller chickens than full grown chickens, though it’s possible they could get my big chickens. It’s just part of having chickens.

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    Looks like you found something great with the ceramic eggs. I HATE snakes except dead snakes so go for it and get rid of them all…ick.

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    Rosalie says

    Judy, you might try golf balls when your expensive ceramic eggs disappear. I haven’t had any problems with snakes, but a friend does and she has had good luck with the golf balls! Snakes don’t seem to know the difference!

    • 7.1


      These probably weren’t real ceramic and they were less expensive than golf balls! Vince doesn’t play golf so we would have to buy new ones.

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    Jojo says

    Cool idea Judy! I just ordered a few ceramic eggs – there is nothing I like better than foiling a predator that’s after my ladies:-)

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      The red chickens supposedly have the broodiness bred out of them and they aren’t likely to get broody. The bantams are pretty broody as a bread I hear. Not sure about the black ones.

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    JoanS says

    Judy, I’m sorry to intrude with a personal question, but you’re the only one I know who knows C. J. Tinkle. I’ve read both your blogs for years, and now she has moved her blog to another server and I’m suddenly high and dry!! I can find the name of it, but it tells me I’m not authorized to read it because I don’t have permission! How can I get permission if I can’t get to her or the blog some kind of way. Can you help me in any kind of way, please?????

    Like the new web page – please don’t ever take it away from us!!

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    Barbara says

    Stopped at the quilt store yesterday and the owner was talking about her chickens and how hot they are.

    She said she purchased a mister from Lowes or Home Depot for about ten bucks and said she keeps it on all day for the chickens to help cool them. She said it is a very fine mist.

    I had never heard of anyone doing that for chickens.