What’s Better Than Paradise?

Wikipedia says this about paradise:  It is conceptually a counter-image of the miseries of human civilization, and in paradise there is only peace, prosperity, and happiness. Paradise is a place of contentment, but it is not necessarily a land of luxury and idleness.

We definitely have that “lack of luxury and idleness” pegged!

So, technically, my little piece of land in Texas may not be paradise . . especially on those days when I use that “tone” that sets my husband off!  Goodness . . he’s in a bad mood and it’s my “tone” that sends him over the edge.  He’d better be glad I’ve learned to “tone” it down in my old age! 🙂

OK . . so much for airing dirty laundry on the blog, huh?

Better than paradise is having speakers installed on the front porch in paradise!

Don’t you just love seeing pictures of the dry weeds and the scrubby trees out here?  It may be ugly to some but I love it so much.  Even the ugly blank tank for the cows’ water . . it’s all such a dream come true for me.  The Amdro sitting on the grill . . not so much in my dreams did I have ants and I doubt there are ants in paradise . . probably because they’re all in my yard!  But see that tiny little speaker up in the corner.  There’s another one on the other end of the porch . .

I so do not like TV . . except Duck Dynasty.  I love that show.  But from the minute I get up, til I go to bed, there’s music playing.  There’s often an iPod with ear buds in my pocket, an iPod and XM in the sewing room, an iPod dock/charger in the kitchen and in the bedroom and there’s usually an iPod in my purse that gets played in the car.  I love having music playing.  Having multiple iPods is the result of losing them and then finding them a year later after buying another one (or two).

We’ve been spending time on the front porch since getting the patio furniture.  There were speaker wires on both ends of the porch and the connection box in the family room where the TV hookups are.  Vince said “I think I can hook speakers up on the front porch!”  He dug through all of his bargain shopping finds and came up with a $200 surround sound system that he bought on sale for $50 two or three years ago and he was able to hook it up so we can play the iPod, radio, Pandora, XM . . whatever we want to play, we can have it playing on the front porch.

Sure hope my closest neighbor likes Elvis and Marty Robbins!  🙂

Vince and I took a ride in the RTV to see how far away you could hear the music if we have the volume set on “42” and I don’t think anyone except a few cows and some cantankerous Dominque chickens can hear my music.  I love coming up with reasons to take a little ride in the RTV.

Vince said “See . . I didn’t sit on my butt all day.  I accomplished something!”  I said . . it is a blue moon tonight!  But, I didn’t use that “tone” so we giggled about it and went about our merry ways.

I think tonight would be a good night to sit on the porch, drink a bottle of wine and listen to some good music.

September UFO Number

Last night our internet was on the blink, which seems to be happening too much.  Worse, when we rented that house at the lake when we first moved here, they had a 2 year contract.  We knew we wouldn’t be there 2 years but it was the ONLY internet we could get out there and we thought we’d be there 6 months but we ended up only staying 3 and not only did we continue to pay a hefty rent for the remainder of the 6 month lease, but we’re still paying about $60 a month for internet that we’re not using, plus paying for internet here . . which hasn’t been so great lately!   No one should ever accuse us of not doing our part to help the economy!   🙁

But last night, at first I could only get on gmail.com and then I could also get on facebook.com.  What else really matters?  Oh . . yes, patchworktimes.com matters a whole lot to me.  I thought . . what if this blasted internet goes out again for a week and figured I should at least get the “What’s on the Needles” post up.  So, at 11:00 p.m., I braved the coyotes and snakes and jackrabbits and walked over to the sewing room to see if the internet was working any better over there.  It’s a whole different setup there.  It was working better but not graet so I quickly did the post before I lost everything and I made a typo — typed in August 21, instead of August 31.  At the rate I’ve been going lately, that was minor but thanks to a blog reader . . the first thing I saw this morning when checking email was a note that I had the wrong date.

Just now, I was fixing to type the UFO number and I typed “July UFO Number”, then said . . no, that isn’t right, and typed in “August UFO Number” and said . . no, that still ain’t right.  Either I’m losing what little bit of a brain I ever had or time is passing so quickly, I just cannot keep up.

So . . who among you is saying “Shut the heck up and give us the danged number!”?  Remember Vince is off today and my whole day has been screwed up.  I look so forward to him retiring!  🙂

Since I can’t think of anything else to say . .  the UFO number for September . . yes . . September, is:

No. 11

If you finished or made significant progress on your UFO for August, which was number 7 if I have that right . . please add a link here.

A Little Remote Opener

Who would have thought something so small would make me so happy?

It’s just a little garage door opener type thing but oh, so useful!

I so love this little RTV.  Before you ask . . that’s a picture from during the winter.  We’re not wearing jackets quite yet around here.  In this “hood”, we visit neighbors via RTV but to get through the gate, I either have to get out and manually open the gate or I have to grab the opener out of whichever vehicle is here . . either the Honda or the S-10, whichever Vince didn’t drive to work.  Almost every day I have to go down to the mail box to get a package.  I have to go back to the house, get the keys to the car and drive down there.  Vince keeps telling me that driving the car for such short distances isn’t good for it.  What does he think I’m going to do . . walk??

We love going for a ride on the RTV in the evenings and half the time, we don’t plan to go through the gate but then decide to do it and we have to get out and manually push the gate buttons.  Life can be so difficult out in the country!  🙂

So, I asked Vince if he would order me a little garage door opener and put it on the RTV keys.  That way . . we’ll always have a gate opener and I won’t have to drive one of the cars down to get the mail and I won’t have to grab an opener out of another vehicle.

Ahhh  . . life is good!  I sure hope someone calls and needs for me to meet them at the gate today!  🙂