Table Buying Marathon

I do believe my husband has started a table collection.  Remember that he bought this table either last week or the week before.

We really did need some patio furniture so he bought this one as part of a set.  This was last weekend.

He decided, correctly, that I needed a table for the solar oven so this week he bought this table.  Notice the brown, dead grass!

Then he wasn’t quite sure that table was tall enough so he bought this table.  It’s too tall but he decided it would be nice to have next to the BBQ grill.

Then he decided he liked it so much that he would get another one.  For what?  Beats me but he bought it today . . still in the back of the pickup.

And then he decided that since he liked the glider so much, he’d buy matching chairs.

If I have figured correctly, in about 5 days, we’ve gone from zero patio tables to 4 (plus the big wooden table) and from zero lawn chairs to 8 chairs plus a glider.

Thank goodness for that big front porch!  And, I hope all this lawn furniture that’s on sale gets sold (to someone else) very soon.  That husband of mine cannot pass up a sale . . even if we don’t need the stuff.


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    I’m the spender in our family. I have to laugh when he brings this stuff home to you. I think he is trying to get you to take some time and just sit outside and enjoy the view. Before it gets even hotter in TEXAS. Never too many tables at my house- company’s coming…

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    I think Vince and my DH are related. Mine cannot pass up a sale either when he’s buying something he wants, after all, one would have cost X$$ and now you get 2 for that price!! ha.

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    Donna says

    guess we all need to come over for a visit since you have planty of seating and places to set a cool glass of water!
    Might better heat up the solar oven so you can bake us a cake to set on one of the tables! (lol)

  4. 10

    Mel Meister says

    All I can think of when I see all that outside furniture is how much work it will be to keep it all clean! LOL!

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    Judy, those chairs Vince bought are so comfortable. We have two of them that we bought a couple of years ago. My husband and I park ourselves on them when we sit on our deck. We have 4 other chairs with the dining table but we like sitting on those the best. A cushion helps!