October Reminders & Chad Update

How’s that for throwing in lots of useless info into one post?

Some reminders of things happening here:

  • For the Color Palette Challenge, we have October, November and December remaining.  If you had planned to do these and never got one done, plan to do at least one of these.  It’s fun and it does get you out of your comfort zone.
  • The Christmas Town Sampler patterns for October will be posted on Saturday, October 6.  That will be the last month!  These block instructions will be taken down some time . . they’re not staying up forever so please get them while they’re available.
  • Quiltathon is this week – October 4, 5, 6 and 7.  Work on any project you please but plan ahead — get some cooking down, clear the calendar and join us for some non-stop quilting . . or as much as you can squeeze in.
  • Socktoberfest – Some of us are using Opal yarn but no matter what yarn you use . . it’s Socktoberfest and time to get those socks knitted.  Winter is coming and no one wants cold toes!

As for Chad updates:

  • This is his last week at his old job and he’ll start next Monday at the new one.  He’s so excited.  He went shopping this weekend for new clothes because he has to wear totally different clothes from what he’s been wearing.
  • They’re looking for a good used car so they’ll have a second vehicle.  They’ve been sharing his pickup (which just has the one seat) so they’re looking for a small SUV or “family” friendly car.
  • They went to the new location this weekend and got some ideas on place to live.  I’m going to go for a visit and Nicole and I will try to find a place.  It looks like it’s going to be a whole lot easier to find a decent place than it was to find something in Nevada.  Their current landlord said he knew some folks where they’re going and he was going to make a few phone calls and see if he could help but I really don’t think they’re going to have a problem.
  • Nicole is so happy to be able to quit working and stay home with the baby for a while.  She plans to go back to school to get a nursing degree but it will be maybe a year or so before she does that.
  • I doubt they stay in the same location more than a  year or so but in the short term, they’re quite happy with the happenings in their lives and it makes me so happy to see them so happy.

The only thing that would make me a whole lot happier is if they were to be heading to my area but that’s not where they want to be and I want them to be happy and get to their dream location . . and they will . . sooner rather than later.


Green Cats

There’s a story about my dad and a green cat that we’ve joked about through the years.  We’ll have to be sure Chad knows the story, though I’m sure he does but he needs to pass it along to Adalina so she won’t think her granny was crazy for making green cat quilts.  It’s a story you tell her when she’s an adult . . it’s not a kid story!   🙂

Here’s the green cat quilt I made dad a few years back.

I have a small collection of green cats. Here’s a little coin purse that I had framed.

When I saw Sheryl’s September block for the Christmas Town Sampler, I knew what I had to make!

Applique with that sticky stuff is still not fun but after three months of it, I’m only thinking the bad words and I don’t think I’ve actually said any today while working on this block.  Since I was alone in the sewing room, I don’t have to admit to it even if I did!  As much as I complain about applique, it’s just so cute and some things you just can’t do with traditional piecing so I should learn to like applique and stop whining . . doubtful!