Dinner Tonight

Sometimes I just look at Vince and wonder what goes through his head.  No doubt, he does the same thing with me.  I suppose all husbands and wives do that to some degree but he just says the weirdest things.

All day he was home.  Most of the day he was in the house . . doing you know what . . it involves a remote control and Netflix.  He was well aware that I was cooking a chicken in the solar oven.  He watched me season it and even asked what all kinds of seasonings I was putting on it.

I was sewing and I asked him if he noticed the solar oven shadows off balance, would he please either turn the oven or call me to come and do it.

When I brought the cooked chicken into the house and took the lid off, it was so perfect!

I was heading back outside to get the baked potatoes out of the oven and here’s our conversation when passing in the family room:

Me: Go look at how nice the chicken cooked.
He went and looked at it and when I came in . .
Vince: Where did you buy the chicken?
Me: Huh?
Vince: Where did you buy it?
Me: What difference does that make?
Vince: Why did you want me to look at it?

I just wanted him to see how pretty it turned out.  I still don’t get how it mattered where I bought it . . Kroger, Wal-Mart or Brookshire’s . . that’s pretty much where I shop. It was Kroger. I told him it was Kroger and he said “ok”. Strange, don’t you think?

Vince told me that his baked potato out of the solar oven was probably the best he had ever had!  He had his all fixed up before I sat down and he insisted I take a bite.  They were delicious . . as was our whole dinner tonight.

The potatoes aren’t in the picture but it’s cream peas (that I grew and canned), roasted chicken from the solar oven and pretzel rolls.

The wings in the background are the beginnings of hot wings . . for the Clemson/Auburn game tonight.  I do believe I’m up for “Good Wife Award” this evening!  🙂

Organizing the Shower

Who would think my shower would need organizing?  It does did.  Vince and I have never shared a bathroom.  He says it’s because I have too much “girl” stuff and I say it’s because . . well, I’m not going to say what I say but if there’s a man in your house . . I’ll bet you can guess why we don’t share bathrooms.

In MO, the upstairs had two master bedrooms with big, nice walk-in showers.  There were all kinds of built in shelves for putting all my “girl” stuff.  I was so spoiled.  Here . . since we live in what I call the “peanut” house because it’s not much bigger than a good sized peanut, both bathrooms have the plain tub/shower combo.  In my bathroom, I wanted a shower head I could take off and hold.  That was the least I could get after having the nice shower in MO with multiple shower heads.  So, Vince moaned and complained about how much the one I wanted cost (I think it was less than $100 and maybe less than $50 — not expensive at all), I realized I couldn’t put any kind of shower caddy in there.  Stuff was lined around the wall and the edge of the tub.  Last week while in Home Depot, I saw this and I knew it would work!

The big one not only has adhesive strips but it had some kind of . . dang it . . I can’t remember what you call it.  Not glue but it’s the same difference.  The bottles on the organizer have shampoo and conditioner in them and the single dispenser has body wash.  I’m still using the Dove Visible Care Body Wash that I blogged about here.  Love that stuff!

The little green bath sponge had been just sitting on the edge of the tub and most of the time fell in and that’s where I found a scorpion one night. Not that it’s guaranteed not to get a scorpion in it hanging there but probably a better chance that it won’t.

The towel rack hanging above the shower enclosure . . we didn’t put that there!  It doesn’t work so well for a short girl.

I’m loving my new organized shower area . . though I still one day hope to have a nicer, bigger, walk in shower.