Air Conditioner Service

I believe that companies with good service need recognition as much as I believe in letting folks know about companies with bad service.

This is the guy I wish we could call for EVERYTHING!

When we were living out in the rental, a time I’ve tried to wipe from my memory, the a/c was limping and barely cooling.  Every time we called the home owner, he said “It worked fine the last time I was there!”  Finally it went out completely and the owner called his a/c guy and he didn’t come and he didn’t come and finally Vince told him . . if you’re guy isn’t here by whatever time Vince said, I’m calling someone to come out here.  The owner’s guy didn’t make it so somehow Vince got he name of Aaron Cone Heating & A/C.  Not sure if he picked them out of the phone book, or if someone gave him a recommendation or if Cone was the guy who said he could get to it first but he came.  Once it got to be about 95º inside, I went to a hotel so I wasn’t there when he came but he came . . just when he said he would.  He replaced a part to get the a/c back up and running but told us a couple of things that needed to be done before the air in that house would ever work good.  That info was passed along to the homeowner and thank goodness . . we’re not there any more.

But, when we got ready to put in the a/c in the sewing room, we called Cone again.  We wanted the mini-split and he was having a hard time getting the size we needed but since the room was inside another building and we had put in lots of insulation and there was no cooking, no clothes drying . . nothing going on to emit more heat, he decided to try the next smaller unit.  He assured us if we were not happy with it, he would replace it with a larger unit.

What he didn’t factor into the size of the room was hormones (or I guess lack of them) because I stay hot all summer and the smaller unit did fine til the temps outside reached about 100º.  After that, it just ran and ran and the sewing room stayed about 80º.  So, we asked him to replace it . . and he did!

Also, when we had a problem with our carbon monoxide detector going off, we weren’t sure what was wrong so we started by calling Cone.  His guys knew right off that the water heater vent pipes on the roof weren’t tall enough and with the strong winds we have, some of that vented air was being sucked back into the house.  They said that really wasn’t something they fixed but since they were here, they could extend the pipes and they did!

Yesterday I was outside and I saw a van coming down our driveway.  Other than our cars, or a neighbor’s RTV, the only other vehicle that comes down our driveway is the UPS guy.  We’ve been having internet issues and talking to them on the phone but they didn’t say they were coming out . . especially on a Saturday so I doubted it was them.  When the van got close enough, I realized it was Mr. Cone and he said he was in the neighborhood and wanted to see if the new air conditioner was keeping the sewing room cool enough.

How’s that for great service??  If you’re in the Brownwood area and need air conditioner or heater (I almost laugh when I think of anyone using the heat around here) service, I think these folks are so good!  I’m not saying others aren’t good . . we were lucky enough to get the best the first time and haven’t used anyone else.

Stars & Stripes Sampler Block #1

September 1 has come and gone and it’s time to start the Stars & Stripes Sampler.   I’m using the Fons & Porter book and info on the book can be found by clicking on that link.

This is one of those “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!” times around here.  There surely haven’t been many finishes coming out of the sewing room lately but there are a whole lot of starts.  As of today, one design wall is filled with the Christmas Town Sampler blocks, one is filled with blocks I’m making for a magazine.  I need to get started on the quilt for my friend with breast cancer and I need to get the Texas quilt top quilted and bounded for the United Way auction.  But September is here and I said I’d start the Stars & Stripes sampler.  It’s never going to get finished if I don’t start, right?

Here’s the block I’m starting with:

Six of these are needed.  I’m going to do this like I’m doing the Christmas Town Sampler and do the fusing but not the stitching so I can wait til I have everything fused and then do all the stitching so I don’t have to change threads so much.

I hope you see this on my design wall tomorrow!

Anyone else ready to start on this project?

Stash Report – Week 35, 2012

My stash report is stuck! Not going forward or backwards. I am sewing . . just not finishing anything to report.  I had hoped to use a net of 200 yards (or was it 250 yards?) this year and now I’m wondering if I’ll even hit 100 at this rate!

Used this Week: 0 yards
Used year to Date: 147.25 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 48.75 yards
Net Used for 2012: 98.50 yards