Dinner Tonight

Tonight we were supposed to have grilled hamburgers for dinner.  After lunch I started to make the buns and then said to myself . . I can go sew for an hour and then start the buns!  At 4:00, I looked at the clock and said THE BUNS!!  It was way too late to start hamburger buns from scratch so I decided to make a meat loaf and since I didn’t want to use the oven and wasn’t sure how the solar oven was going to work with not getting the meatloaf in there til 4:30, I used the 8″ x 8″ cake pan and made a square, thinner meatloaf instead of using a loaf pan and making it thick.  It was completely done by 5:30.  Thank goodness for the Texas sun!

Peas, potatoes, meatloaf and leftover pretzel rolls from the weekend and I didn’t use the oven.

For our climate, the solar oven has been a fantastic investment!

Dove Hair Conditioner Review & Recommendation

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll tell you right off that I have really bad hair.  My hair is fine and limp, but has just enough curl to frizz and stick out in any which direction.  I wash it every morning and often wash it at night.  The reason I wash it every morning is because however my hair gets mashed while I’m sleeping, that’s the way it’s going to stay til it gets washed.  No amount of wetting or coaxing or curling or flat ironing makes a difference.

When I’m outside so much on these hot Texas days, a good hair washing before bed time is sometimes necessary.

Between the frequent washing and the sun and the wind, my hair needs a lot of conditioning.  Summer is rough on our  hair.  Swimming, chlorine, sun, wind, hot, humid temps and some of us want to look our best in the summer and do a bit of extra coloring during this time of the year.

Since I already use and love Dove products, including their shampoo and conditioner, I was happy for the chance to try out the new Advanced Conditioner.  There are two formulas for the Daily Conditioner and the one I received is the Intensive Repair Daily Conditioner.  I love it!  I’ve used it every morning for about two weeks now and my hair feels so clean, never feeling like there’s any conditioner residue.  I don’t like one bit of oily or greasy feel in my hair and this conditioner leaves no greasy feeling at all.  My hair seems smooth and maybe there’s less frizz.  Actually, since there’s so little humidity here, I can’t say for sure about the frizz.  When I’m back in Louisiana, that will be when I can do the “frizz test”.

According to Dove’s website, the Intensive Repair Daily Conditioner is a thick, rich formula which provides a luxurious treatment to restore softness and smoothness.  That’s exactly what it does.  Just as using a good, quality body lotion does great improvement for our skin, using a good, quality conditioner can make a big improvement in dry and rough hair.

Because I like the conditioner so much, I bought the other formula too.  It’s the Nourishing Oil Care Daily Conditioner and the website says it’s a dual phase treatment.  The gold stripe contains weightless nutri-oils to deeply nourish without a greasy feel and the white stripe contains conditioners that seal the cuticles and smooth frizz.  The “frizz” is what got me.  I haven’t tried this formula yet but I have it and I’m ready to use it as soon as I finish the other one.  It sounds interesting but I want to finish the first tube before starting the second tube.

I have tried much more expensive conditioners and I’m actually happier with the Dove Intensive Care Daily Conditioner.

More info on the product can be found at Dove’s website.

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New Quiltmaker – Quilts from 100 Blocks

The newest Quilts from Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks issue is showing up on newsstands and in quilt shops today.  I haven’t seen it, nor do I have a quilt in there but the past issue I’ve seen of this was amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

Visit Quiltmaker’s blog and leave a comment for a chance to win one of 20 copies being given away.  If you don’t win a copy and can’t find one at your local shop or newsstand, they can be ordered here.  From what I see on the blog, this is going to be another great issue and one we’ll all want to have in our library.