Vince’s New Hobby

I’m not sure why Vince is doing this but I’m never sure about a whole lot of things Vince does . . know what I’m saying?  If you have a husband, I’m sure you feel the same way.

We bought 45 acres for several reasons but one was so we could have a big garden.  Now, he’s decided he wants to do some hydroponics . . tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes . . OK, maybe not potatoes!  We talked about hydroponics.  I know he’s been looking at it on the internet.  All our Amazon orders come through my email and I just got this order confirmation.


If it means we have fresh tomatoes year round, I’ll be very happy.  If it means something else we have to store and pack and move and unpack and store .  . I will not be so happy.

Stay tuned . . this should be interesting!

Fall, Please Hurry!

It’s so hot!  No doubt, some places are hotter but there are plenty of places that are cooler but . . I’m here!

Accuweather says it’s hot and they are so right!  This morning I thought might be the day I didn’t sweat and have to take 3+ showers but I was wrong.  Two trips on the RTV, a hike down the driveway to talk to the neighbor, chasing down the little red hen this morning and out fiddling with the solar oven this afternoon . . it is hot in central Texas today!

Just when I wonder why anyone would live in a place that’s so blasted hot, I took a picture of the solar oven out cooking dinner and I see the beautiful blue sky and my little piece of land with no close neighbors and I am reminded why I loved central Texas.  There’s more than one way to cool off  . .

Blue Bell Red Velvet Cake!  If I lived where it was cooler, there wouldn’t be a need to consume so much ice cream so I’m happy it’s hot here!  🙂

Roscoe’s Wish Was Granted

This morning about 6:45, I let the red hens out . . right on schedule.  Roscoe was still up in the top of the tree crowing . . right on schedule.  As soon as I let the hens out, even though they’re inside the run and Roscoe is outside the run, he flies down out of the tree and spends his day prancing around the fence, wishing he could visit with the hens.

About 8:30, as I was leaving the house heading over to the sewing room, I looked out there and what did I see?  Roscoe and a red hen being all intimate!  Wait a minute!  How did you get out?  Never did figure out how she got out but I left them alone to enjoy their time together for a while and then I caught her and put her back in the pen.  I found a few possible areas of escape and fixed them so we’ll see how long it takes her to outsmart me.

Roscoe is back to prancing around the fence . . wishing for another visit with the hens.