A Picture Tells The Whole Story

I think this picture sums up my entire day!  Worse, I’d been walking around in them for several hours and hadn’t noticed.  Thankfully I had not gone far from home.

Tomorrow’s a new day . . all new challenges, right?

What do you think this is?

Did you guess that it’s a trench?  And since we’re in a drought and everything is bone dry and there’s water in the trench, that must mean there’s a water line in the near vicinity of said trench and it means that again, Vince cut the water line.  See the canister of Sevin Dust?  That’s what he used to mark the water line.  He positioned the canister where he should not cut.  Something didn’t work as planned!  🙂

Gotta love him . .

A Cat at Our House

I try to put on a brave front and I sometimes go out after dark and I sometimes sleep with the windows open but I’m the biggest chicken ever.

Last night we were watching the local news and something hit our front door.  It wasn’t like a giant grasshopper  .. it was something pretty big.  To get to our house, which you can’t even see from the highway, you have to come through a gate and there are no lights back here so it’s kinda hard to believe that even a bad guy would come back here in the dark . . especially when we’re home.

Vince was sitting in his chair, I’m sitting in my chair.  We both hear this big bump at the door.  We looked at each other and Vince said a few words I won’t repeat here.  I said “YOU go see what it was but please don’t open the door . . just look through the window.”  He walked over there, looked out and said “It’s a cat!” In response to my questions, he told me it was a white cat, didn’t look like it was in poor condition, looked like it wanted to come inside.  Fat chance of that happening!

Vince sat back down and almost before he was back in his chair, the white cat appeared at the other door!

Don’t even try to convince me that cats kill snakes and mice and scorpions and chickens!!  I’m not a cat lover . . not a cat hater so long as they belong to someone else.  I want no part of it and I don’t want it living here.

So far today, I have not seen it.  I did see kitty footprints on the seat in the RTV but I’m hoping it has move on and found a more kitty friendly home!

And, I just keep thinking . . what would I have done if I had been here alone when something hit the door like that cat did!  Scary thought!

The cat seems to be gone now . . haven’t seen it all day and I’m glad!


Breakfast for me this morning:

Wheat toast, crunchy peanut butter and sprouts!  Except for that Dr. Pepper to wash it down, it was a pretty healthy and yummy breakfast!

We finished off the radish sprouts yesterday and I filled that tray with fenugreek seeds this morning.