Shovel, Vince, Shovel Faster!

Vince loves to dig but once you dig, then you have to fill in the holes . . or that’s how it’s supposed to work.  We go months without rain and as soon as he got the yard dug up, it’s supposed to rain tomorrow.  Believe me . . we are NOT complaining about rain, even if it means all the trenches have to be trenched again.

I went out to take his picture but I was facing the south end of my husband facing north and the minute he takes those shorts off, they’re going in the trash.  Thank me for not taking a picture from that angle!  Don’t look Ethel!

I had big plans for quilting the Texas quilt today but Vince called and told me it was going to rain tomorrow so he was taking off half a day and we needed to go to Home Depot and Wal-Mart.  We?  Couldn’t think of a single thing I needed from either place but then he mentioned eating lunch at Section Hand, which is one of my favorite places in town.  So . . I did get to go to Wal-Mart and Home Depot.

He has managed to get one faucet in but still has a lot of work to do before dark if he’s going to finish tonight.  Look how pretty our sky is.  There’s hardly ever a time that we don’t have a gorgeous sky!

If I was a betting kind of girl, I’d bet that before this night is over, I have a shovel in my hand.  I’m thinking if he gets the pipe in, he’ll enlist my help to cover the trench or . . if I’m lucky, he’ll get he tractor out and do it but it may be kinda tight there with the fence on one side and the fruit trees on the other side.

Looks like a whole lot of work to me!

Selling the Stash

No . . not my stash but I just received an email from a friend who was at our retreat in February and they’ve opened up a “quilter’s resale shop” called Sew Affordable Fabric.  It looks like a great idea so I thought I would pass the info along.  I’m not sure how they would work it if you need to mail your fabrics but if you have some you’re thinking of getting rid of, you might contact them.

That Wild Redhead

There are 13 red hens in the main coop and run.  Only one will not stay where she’s supposed to be.  She and Roscoe continue to plan and scheme her escapes.  Yesterday I picked her up and put her back inside the fence four times.  Each time I found where I thought she was getting out and I did my best to fix it.

The fifth time I caught her outside the fence, I said . . fine . . if that’s the lifestyle you want to live . . go for it!

When I went out to give the girls a treat (kale clippings), who do you think found a hole under the fence that she could slide through and ran back into the run so she could get her treat . . which she grabbed and then ran back out to her beloved Roscoe!  I can’t figure out why she finds a way out and he never finds a way in.  He’s half her size!

She’s eating Roscoe’s food and he’s patiently watching and waiting.

Waiting for the opportunity for this!

This is basically what they do . . except Roscoe is too small.  Dang . . that’s never good, is it?  🙂  The little red hen just kinda shakes and off he goes . . only to try again the first chance he gets.  He never gives up and yet he never really succeeds.

And then, they go about their business . . like nothing just happened, because really, I guess nothing did happen.  Poor Roscoe.

This weekend Vince will find some time to drive some wire into the ground that will secure the fence so my wild little redhead will stay where she’s supposed to be.